"You Belong With Me"

(by Taylor Swift)

Today's song is yet another random song that is not necessarily meaningful to my current life circumstances! I just like it, so I've listened to it a lot lately. And no, this isn't a subliminal comment about the VMA incident!

I thought I'd update you on the latest with Mister Christopher. The laser treatment in August didn't cauterize the blood vessel in his eye. So, it has continued to bleed for over a month now. Thursday, he went to see his ocular oncologist for yet another follow-up regarding the hemorrhaged blood vessel. He was sent to a specialist, where they discussed surgery to suction out the blood in his eye & see if they could take care of the damaged cells. The specialist didn't seem to think it was a good idea right now. He explained that there is a slight possibility that he could accidentally cut the tumor during surgery, which would allow the cancerous cells to spread. Of course, the cells are all supposed to be dead now, but there's a chance that they aren't. He thinks it should take 6-9 months for the bleeding to stop & the blood to clear out of the eye. Chris thinks it's better to be inconvenienced for a little while longer, than to take the chance on the cancer spreading. So, it looks like we'll be waiting this out for awhile, unless God chooses to heal him sooner!

As for the house, we're continuing to settle in. I really thought I'd be done with all of the unpacking by now. I don't know if I was being unrealistic, or if I'm being anal about where to put things, but I'm still having trouble with organization! Also, I've got way more framed pictures & decorations than I know what to do with at this point. I have gotten rid of so much stuff already, so I really don't know where it's all coming from! OK, well I guess I do...it's from all those boxes that have been packed for five years (when we moved from Midlothian). Maybe I need somebody to tell me to just let it go! I don't know, but I'll get it all worked out soon!

I had a new experience on Wednesday ~> my first time waiting for the school bus. The kids have been begging me to let them ride the bus home. This is the first home where we've had the opportunity, and I never rode one growing up, so I was a little nervous. After talking to our neighbor, I decided I should let them try it! Guess what?! It's like I've gained an hour each day! No more waiting in the carpool line 20-30 minutes before school lets out, only to sit for another 20 minutes before I actually get the kids in the car & head home. They arrive on the bus about 15 minutes after we would normally get home. So if you do the math, I'll gain about 180 hours a year! How about that?!


Zion said…
I will be praying for Chris, it sounds like he is making the right decision. Zion is having surgery on his eyes this Thursday, it's not anything like what Chris is going through, but you can imagine what it does to me as a mama thinking of him going under and having someone cut into him :( Anyway, yay for the bus. When I first read that the kids WANTED to ride the bus I thought "man she's lucky"!

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