"My First Stereo"

(by FM Static)

"Somethin' tells me I'll never be close to
Another like you
Helped me through the things that we all go through
Cuz you make every song sound better
Taught me how to write a letter
I think everyone should get along like me and my first stereo

And you used to sing me to sleep
And always stood behind me

Chorus A:
Everyone wants, everyone needs
Everyone hurts sometimes, like me
It never rejects me, always accepts me
Nothing can compete with my first stereo

Green light, outta the way
Seems like just yesterday
That you played me my very first mix tape
Gave me the courage to say what I wanted to say
When it never comes out that way

Oops, I'm in trouble again
Should of listened to them
Back to my room and then we're safe now
Feels like when we were ten, in my room listenin
To some Michael Jackson, relaxin'

And you used to sing me to sleep
And always stood behind me
You saw me off when I had to go
My first true love was my first stereo

Chorus A

Chorus B:
Everyone wants, everyone needs
Nobody's perfect, just like me
Into the stereo is the place I go
I wonder what's playin' next on the radio

Somethin' tells me I'll never be close to
Another like you
Helped me through the things that we all go through

Chorus A

Chorus B"

I'm sorry I haven't posted in awhile. I've had a little dilemma about this blog. My mister is afraid that I could get in trouble for how I have the songs posted on here. He made my little player & showed me how I can upload my songs to a site that will store them for this blog. BUT, apparently anybody who knows what they're doing can access that site & download the songs for free. I certainly don't want to break any copyright laws & be fined incredible amounts of money.

So, I'm not sure what to do...I can find some songs on youtube, but they've been cracking down on the copyright lawbreakers. And again, I don't want to do something wrong by posting an illegal video! So, if I find a video that is legal (like a live recording or something), then the quality may not be so great. I had the iLike sidebar on here in the beginning, but it only played a piece of the songs that I could find. Sites like that only have some of my favorites, because my musical taste can be a little odd.

For now, I've added a player that contains the songs that I can find. I'll work on finding videos (if they're quality and legal) & only use my current little player for songs that you can't buy anymore (or if we know the artist). What do you think? How important is it for you to be able to hear the song that I'm blogging about? I realize that you may not even like my style of music & may not care to hear it! So, if you're not even listening to the songs anyways, then I'm worrying about all of this for nothing! Please let me know how you feel!


Anonymous said…
I like this song FM static really rocks!
Zion said…
Justin Guariani? Is that a spammer? I was thinking about it and if it is legal for you to play part of the song than I would do that. I have had the same problem with google images. It is so easy to just pull a photo of what I am talking about (sigh). Whatever you do, I am sure it will be cool.

PS- I cried today when I got lost several times. I miss Nyobi :( I think it all hit me suddenly what really took place. The next GPS will have it's own name, it depends on what the voice sounds like.
Anonymous said…
Sorry but my computer sound went out, so I can't even hear the songs. I love just reading what you wrote and feeling like I can keep up with what is going on with you. Love ya.
{amy} said…
Um...ya, Justin is a spammer. While I am only 3 degrees away from him, I don't actually KNOW him. Should I delete that? I think it's kinda funny! :)

Nat, may you save so much $ being thrifty, that you will be able to afford a new GPS soon!

Amanda, thanks for the feedback! I appreciate you taking the time to read this, even without the benefit of sound!

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