"Friend Like That"

(by Hawk Nelson)

"I like it simple & I'm not a superman
I never said that I was more than that
I'm not a wannabe, I'm who I wanna be
& I intend to be how You created me

I, I need somebody on the inside
I, I want somebody who can set me free
I'm not the only one who feels like this
I've got a few others around me

Hey let me hear ya say
Make some noise if you feel this way
Hey if you got a friend like that
Hey let's scream and shout
If you know what I'm talkin' `bout
Anybody got a friend like that?

I once was little, & I always had a plan
You thought my friendliness was just an act
I'll be your friend indeed, & you can count on me
& I can guarantee, your friend I'll always be


Does anyone out there feel alone?
Can anyone hear me?
Down and out, your heart is cold
It's never easy
But if you believe that there is hope
Then sing it with me


Hey let me hear ya say
Does anybody feel this way?
Hey if you got a friend like that
Hey let's scream and shout
If you know what I'm talkin' `bout
Anybody got a friend like that?


4 reasons why I'm a terrible blogger:

  1. I have a lot to say, but not much that I think you'd care to hear...

  2. I set myself up for failure from the beginning by making it about theme songs. Before I started my blog, I ALWAYS had a song of the day. Now, I just feel pressured to come up with one; and when I can't, I don't blog...

  3. I intended it to be upbeat & fun, but it hasn't turned out that way. Of course, I didn't expect my husband to get diagnosed with cancer a couple of weeks after starting my blog...

  4. Let's face it: I'm just not cool (like this, this, this, or this)! I'd love to be witty & stuff, but I'm not naturally that way. So, I read other people's blogs & see how cool they are, and I feel that I just don't measure up!

So, in effort to blog more frequently, I have created “Scrobbled Saturday”.

Scrobbled Saturday

Each Saturday, I will post the song that I have listened to the most that week. These songs will probably be random & not necessarily meaningful to my current life circumstances. So, I won't post the words unless they are warranted. I hope that's OK! ;) If there's a particular reason why I listened to the song a lot, I'll explain why. I may just talk about my favorite part of the song or a memory associated with the song. We'll just see what happens!

I bet nobody was surprised to see a Hawk Nelson song for my very first “Scrobbled Saturday” post! I must say it was amazing when they performed this at The Revolve Tour last year. (I mentioned this in a previous post last year). It was pretty awesome to sing along with them as they said, "I've got a few others around me..." in a stadium of 6,000 or so people!


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