"Texas, Our Texas"

(performed by an honor choir that I found on YouTube)

Today is Texas History Day, so I thought I'd post a song that every Texas elementary student learned back in the day. Also, if you're bored & would like to read about the great state of Texas, you should check out an article about all of the goodness here. There are a few things missing & a few things I don't agree with, but it's a great article overall! I especially love #4, #8, #14, #17, #21, #47 & #50. I think #18 is funny (& accurate, though I didn't realize it was specific to Texas). And the comment under #41 is hilarious {& again, accurate, though I had no idea the rest of the country doesn't do that!} And I would've chosen a completely different picture for #36, because I don't think that picture gives an even remotely accurate representation.

I hope you have a wonderful Texas History Day! :)



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