(by Plumb) Real

"Look at me, I'm twenty three
Beautiful, a sight to see tonight
A little dress to draw the press
And I'll be leaving all the rest behind

Well be pleased, girl
If this is what you wanted
The whole world is watching you take the stage
What will you say?

Aren't I lovely?
And do you want me?
'Cause I am hungry for something that will make me real
Can you see me?
And do you love me?
'Cause I am desperately searching for something

I close my eyes imagine time
Will not forget my sacrifice
I numb the ache and decorate
My emptiness, stand naked in the light

Well be pleased, world
If this is what you wanted
This young girl is everything that you made
What will she say?


The world goes home
The lights go down
My lipstick fades


I couldn't post the song I'm actually wanting to talk about, because there's no way I'd buy it~much less post it on my blog. This song makes me think of Britney Spears, so I posted it instead. I must say that I am usually happy when I hear about a song with my name in it. But this time, I'm disgusted. If you don't know about the song to which I am referring, good for you! Otherwise, maybe you'll join me in thinking about other Amy songs instead! Like the great honky tonk song from Pure Prairie League.

{Sing with me: "Amie, what you wanna do? I think I could stay with you for a while, maybe longer if I do..."}

And then there's Keith Whitley's "Miami, My Amy".

Elton John's song was a little weird, but overall not so bad.

And there's "Amy's Song" by Switchfoot that is super awesome. Click here to listen to it ~ I couldn't find one that I could embed!} I would be honored if somebody said those words about me. But, Britney...really?

{Edited in 2010 to add Allstar Weekend's super cute Amy song!}


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