"You Give Me Life"

(by Jason Morant)

"There was a time not long ago
When I was too weak to move on
A broken heart my hope was gone
Then I looked up into Your eyes
I was overwhelmed with love
You took me up into Your arms
And now I see Your wonder

You give me life
And now I give it back to You
With everything You've done for me
It is the least that I could do

And since that day You took my hand in Yours
And we danced the night away
I know I'll never be the same
And what You've done inside of me
I want everyone to see
That You are now my everything


You fill my heart
With a love I'll show the world
With everything You've given me
And I could never give enough...

And now I see Your wonder


OK, so this is my first blog post (other than the few I've posted on myspace). People who blog say it's great, so we'll see how it goes & if I keep up with it or not. My idea here is to sum up each day with a theme song, cuz I'm weird like that. I burst out in song quite often, so I thought it would be a good idea. I guess I'll see if anyone is interested enough to read this thing...


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