"Whatever Thing"

(by Enter the Worship Circle) Whatever Thing - First Circle

Today's song was instrumental during a pivotal point in my ED recovery process. I mention in my story that there was a point {10 years ago now!} when I realized that I still had some negative thought patterns that needed to be dealt with. They didn't plague me most of the time, but I knew they were there. I had sorta been trying to ignore them for awhile, because I didn't want to experience the pain that I knew would be involved in processing through it all.

I remember listening to this song and wanting to lay it all at the feet of Jesus.

I knew that my burdens were preventing me from keeping my focus on Him.

I also knew that those thoughts were cluttering my mind to where I couldn't hear His voice of truth.

And my favorite part of the song gave me hope that if I really would hand over all of my pain to Him, He would take it, set me free, and I would fly. ♥



Amanda said…
Love this entire album.

Couldn't love an album more.

Zion said…
I agree beautiful song and beautiful album. I am so glad to hear about how it has impacted and uplifted you.

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