"For Love"

(by Wayne Kerr Band) For Love - Love Stands Out

"For Love" Official Music Video from Wayne Kerr on Vimeo.

I wanted to share this video with y'all for several reasons. First, it's good stuff ~ & if you like it, you'll like the entire album (Love Stands Out). And second, a couple of my friends are in it! Our good friend Dan is on drums, and Nolan is playing the guitar (I talked about both of them in "Friends' Theme Songs: Back When My Mister Was in a Band Edition"). I talked to the bass player at Isaac's birthday party, but I completely forgot his name {Sorry, dude! I used to be better at remembering names. If it's any consolation, I thought you were nice!} I don't actually know Wayne Kerr, but he's legit. Everybody I know who knows him would agree. He has led worship for some retreats & stuff where we've taken the students, and he sent me a super nice email when I posted one of his songs before. So anyways, I hope you like today's song! & I hope you have a super great day!!



That is so neat that you know them! :) We are having trouble with our computer or browser or something... unable to play videos. :( Hope we can figure it out soon!
Laura said…
What a great song and video! Thanks for sharing. :)
Zion said…
What a great video

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