"Hope Now"

(by Addison Road) 

Hope Now by Addison Road on Grooveshark
After Christopher's cancer diagnosis, today's song was very meaningful to me because of its message of hope and faith in God and His love. When my life was feeling a bit out of control, this song was an encouragement to place my hope in the God who was in control, and it reminded me that He is my shelter in the storm. Good stuff!

The highlights of my week were...coffee with Laurien, lunch with Kelly {to talk about India, which I still need to tell y'all about!} and my baby girl's birthday! I actually got about 8 hours of sleep, even though Elly had a few friends here for a sleepover! Here are a few pictures from her party...

After two weeks, we finally got Silvie back today!! The mechanic sent me a few pictures that I thought y'all may want to see...

Funny story...back when we hosted the junior high boys for DNOW, we ended up with a few bits of random unclaimed items including a Bible, a pair of boxer briefs, and a towel. Guess what I saw first thing as I got in my van today? Yep, the underwear that was somehow never removed from my van. I'm thinking they ended up under my seat and were discovered when the mechanic removed the seat for Silvie's repairs. Classy, huh?

Well, I better start the bedtime process. I hope y'all are having a super great weekend!! ♥



Zion said…
Happy Birthday Ellie! That is funny about the underwear! Sounds like something that would happen to me!

PS- I just saw your answer to my bathroom comment about having two growing up, and I was surprised. I bet you didn't realize that that was a lot back then. I guess it all depends on what area your are from.

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