"My God Forever"

(by Reality LA)

Today's song is another one that I posted a couple of years ago. As I explained then, it really ministered to me during a time when I felt overwhelmed and captive to my fear. This song came along at just the right time, because God used it to help me see my need to continue turning my thoughts away from my fears and onto Him. It encouraged me to wait on the Lord and seek His face. In doing that, my worry turned to peace as I began to realize that He really was {& still is} my refuge and strength. I also began to realize that His grace really could sustain me, and His love was able to cast out my fear. I am so thankful for songs like this one that were instrumental in helping me refocus my thoughts on my faithful Savior & God! ♥



Zion said…
I need to hear the same thing. I struggle with fear big time. : /

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