"Land of the Living"

(by Enter the Worship Circle) Enter the Worship Circle - First Circle - Land of the Living

I have posted today's song before and talked about many of the reasons why I love Psalm 27! While those things are definitely worth reading again, what I didn't mention at the time is the fact that today's song is what stirred a love for that Psalm inside of me. I was a young mom when I got the First Circle album, and I listened to it all the time. I'm sure that I had read Psalm 27 a hundred times before I heard the song, but the song led me to a deeper examination of the Psalm. There's just so much goodness in there! Not only do I gain encouragement from David's confidence in the the Lord's protection & salvation, but I am compelled to seek the Lord and dwell with Him. Hearing today's song and meditating on Psalm 27 were what really stirred a desire in me to truly live in the Lord's presence. There really is no better place to dwell! ♥



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