"Forever Reign"

(by Kristian Stanfill) Forever Reign - Passion - Here for You (Deluxe Edition)

Forever Reign by Kristian Stanfill on Grooveshark
This the last day of this series, and I almost missed it! I seriously can't believe that I only forgot one day of the entire month!!

Today's song was so beneficial in my journey toward finding satisfaction in God. I'm not going to type the song out like I did when I first heard it. I thought I'd just hit the highlights, but there are so many...

He is good {when there's nothing good in me}

He is love

He is light {when the darkness closes in}

He is hope

He is peace {when my fear is crippling}

He is true {even in my wandering}

He is joy {the reason that I sing!}

He is life {in Him death has lost its sting}

He is more

He is Lord

He is here {in His presence I'm made whole}

He is God {of all else I'm letting go}

Isn't He so good?! There is so much truth about the Lord in this song, and it is so encouraging and beautiful to see that He is everything I lack & more! And He is the answer to every problem I could possibly have. Today's song helped me to trust God to be all that He says He is. Most importantly, it assisted me in letting go of things that I was trying to find satisfaction in and only seek satisfaction in Him.

Because He is enough. ♥



Zion said…
That really is an amazing song and way to go making it through the entire series. You made it work for your blog theme and got to share your story.

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