"There You Go"

(by Caedmon's Call) 

There You Go by Caedmon's Call on Grooveshark

I don't know about you, but I have struggled to find the good in some parts of my life. But one thing I know for sure is that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God... Honestly, though, there was a time when there were certain areas where I simply couldn't see how that could work. I didn't know how God could cause any good to come out of it.

Today's song was instrumental in helping me believe that God really would work good from my bad. I guess I just heard it enough that I finally believed it. Years would pass before I began to actually see the good, but God used this song to give me hope that it really would come to pass. And it has been beautiful to see how God has used my story to help others, especially my baby brother! When I shared with him that I had gone through a similar situation as he had, he was able to relate to me in a way that he never thought he could. And he eventually came to believe in Jesus! Though my bad was only part of what brought about that good, I am thankful that God allowed it to be a part of something so beautiful!

I'll close with the words to the bridge of today's song. Though it isn't what brought about a change for me (in regards to why I initially posted the song in this series), I have always loved the way they worded it. And it totally relates to the change in my baby brother:

For You so loved the unlovable
That You gave the ineffable
That who so believes the unbelievable
Will gain the unattainable



Zion said…
You are doing awesome about keeping up with this series. I am impressed!
Brooke said…
thanks for the reminder - i am so blessed!!

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