"Voice of Truth"

(by Casting Crowns) Casting Crowns - Casting Crowns - Voice of Truth

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The song I'm posting today was my 2004 theme song...

We had taken a leap of faith and moved to Houston for Chris to join a band. As crazy as that sounds, we knew that it was what God was calling us to do. We weren't chasing a lifelong dream of his or anything; it just sorta happened. The band wouldn't pay the bills, though, and Chris wasn't able to find a job. So he ended up starting his own business, and we moved into my dad's house while he got it going. It really did seem crazy to us! But we knew that we knew that we knew that God was calling us. There were a few people who thought we were going against God's will. I mean, seriously, why would God call us away from full-time ministry?!

Honestly, I still don't completely understand it! The band ended within a couple of years of our move, so it doesn't seem like the band was really the reason that God called us here. We're near the med center, which is super great considering the whole cancer thing that came along four years after our move. But the four hours we would've had to drive from Dallas is not much compared to the distance other ocular melanoma patients have to travel for medical care. So I really don't know exactly why God called us here, and I may never know. But I'm OK with that. I'm happy here, my faith has deepened, and I've grown closer to God in all that He has walked me through since the move.

Today's song is one that my brother told me about during the process of our move. It made him think of our situation, and it was an encouragement to me during the transition. Though we weren't called to walk on water or kill a giant, we were called to do something that didn't make sense to us or to others. We had to step out of our comfort zone and face the unknown. We had to choose to listen to God's voice above anyone else's. ♥



Zion said…
Okay, so I don't even have to tell you how much I relate to this! I cannot believe the similarities.

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