"Let Go"

(by Abandon) Let Go - Control

Well, this weekend hasn't quite turned out as I had planned. I made a quick trip to the town where I went to high school. A wonderful lady passed away this week, and her funeral was this morning. She was one of several "moms" that God placed in my life while I lived there. She exemplified Matthew 25:34-40, and her funeral was a beautiful celebration of her life. It was tough, though. And it was just an all around tough day. I hadn't seen my high school pastor in a couple of years. He is dealing with stupid cancer & isn't doing well. I had a wonderful conversation with my friend Stephanie's mom. But again, it was tough.

Then after the funeral I got a call from my brother about an email that I had somehow missed from my step-dad. My grandmother isn't doing very well, and they are about to put her in hospice. My drive home was spent on the phone with my cousin & uncle (who Grandmommy has been living with). They explained that on Monday they'll transfer her from the hospital (where she has been for the last week) to hospice, where they'll keep her comfortable & she'll be fed through an IV. So ya, rough day...

On a positive note, it was nice to see a lot of people I haven't seen in awhile! Several of my friends from youth group were at the funeral, and I hadn't seen most of them in awhile. I drove up last night & spent a couple of hours with my friend Dwayne's parents. I lived around the corner from them for a few years, and I just love them! {Plus they said I haven't changed one bit in all the years that they've known me. How could I not love them?!} Then I went to Roger & Faye's (they're my "parents" there) & stayed up way too late catching up with them! But it was so good! They were disappointed not to see my kids, but they said it was so nice to just sit and talk with me! :)

Enough about my little trip...

Have I ever mentioned how sweet my boy is? I had forgotten about a conversation I had with him last year, but thanks to Facebook {"On This Day in 2010..."} I was reminded of his sweetness! Apparently a year ago Thursday, the following occurred: I randomly burst out in song, & Cody said, "Well, that was an outburst." To which I replied, "Yep. It's one of my talents." To which he replied, "Oh. Well then I love it." Is he awesome or what?! ♥

On Thursday night, my baby brother's group began a Bible study in the prison chapel, and my dad & I are able to go every week of the 12-week course! Can I confess to you that I was a tiny bit weirded out walking through the prison? During visitation, we're barely inside the prison. Even then, it's a separate building & the inmates go through a gate to get to it. So we're with less than 20 of them. The Bible study was different, because we actually went through an entire cell block to get to the chapel. And there were probably 100 inmates there. I wasn't afraid really. It was just different. And a little weird. But I'm so glad that we get to be a part of it! I got to meet a couple of his friends. The one I was most excited to meet was "Macaroni", who we helped get into the program. He was also very instrumental in getting my brother into the program, so we were mutually grateful for each other (if that makes sense)! I also got to meet the guy who drew Supergirl! Some of the inmates led worship, and it was pretty cool! Dad, Aaron & I are in a small group with four other men & a couple of facilitators. These men are just like everybody else. They've made a few mistakes, and their mistakes caused them to be imprisoned. But Jesus died for them, just as He died for you & me. I almost cried as Frank talked about both of his parents passing away during the time that he has been in prison. And Charles looks way too young to be there (and somewhat paradoxical, carrying "Baby's 1st Bible" with arms full of tattoos). James has kind eyes and the biggest smile. Sly is quiet, but when he says something it's meaningful. And of course, there's my baby brother Aaron who is such a sweet kid.

The rest of my week was really good! I know I've already mentioned the Bible study I'm leading on Tuesday mornings, but I don't think I mentioned that we decided to offer it on Wednesday nights, too! I'm so excited to see how God is going to work in the lives of these women!! I also had a couple of coffee dates with Sloan & spent a day in The Heights with my friend Laura. ΓΌ

Today's song is super! Yes, I know I just posted it, but I didn't even say anything about it then. I don't want to do it a disservice by not even talking about it, so I'll post some of the lyrics for you. They're great, and I can totally relate...

"You could count the times that everybody’s hurt you
And build a wall so nobody can get through
But nothing's gonna change if you keep doing the same things
You could shoulder all the weight and try to do it on your own

Or you could let go of all these things you hold
You could let go and watch your life unfold
You're part of a grand design
Bigger than what you had in mind
But you’ll never know, you’ll never know
Until you let it go

So take a step back, widen out the picture
And see the world through the eyes of the Savior
Cause when we focus on ourselves there is nothing we can give
But when we lose it all we start to live
You got a front row seat but you're never gonna see the show

Until you let go of all these things you hold..."

Obviously the chorus continues from there, and they repeat stuff. But you get the picture!

Alright, I'm pretty drained & need to freshen up my face before my dad and aunt arrive. We're going out to dinner...I hope y'all are having a great weekend!!



Zion said…
I am so sorry to hear about all of your loved ones that are suffering in someway right now :(

I remember that Facebook status about Cody and I am glad that the Bible studies are going so well.
RR Mama said…
So sorry you are having a tough time. I know how you are feeling though. My heart has been so heavy lately for some that are close to me. And on a happier note, I love that year ago thing Facebook does. Glad it helped you remember a sweet time with your son.

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