"I Fell For You"

(by Amy Stroup) I Fell for You - The Other Side of Love- Session One

Today marks Christopher's 3-year cancerversary. For once, I don't feel the need to dedicate an entire post to it. I feel like I've already said all that there is to say numerous times. Today I am OK. If I think about it long enough, I could be emotional. But for now I'm choosing to focus on the positive. My husband is alive three years after being diagnosed with ocular melanoma. Some people can't say that. He isn't guaranteed the next six months, but he has survived another year! For that, I am thankful.

Speaking of...he's trying to raise awareness for ocular melanoma (OM) through a little contest at about.me. You should totally vote for him every day! If he wins, he gets his profile on a billboard in Times Square & will use that as an opportunity to raise more awareness for OM. So little is known about this silent killer, so foundations like OMF are doing all they can to find effective treatments and save lives. We are hoping that awareness will help raise funds for research, as well as educate people on the importance of early detection through yearly dilated eye exams. Anyways, you can vote for him by clicking the picture below & following the instructions:

{Have I ever mentioned that he goes by the name Butch? I don't call him that, because I like to confuse people...} ;)

Moving right along....this song isn't what I expected. I had been listening to Abandon at the beginning of the week, but I ended up in an Amy Stroup mood. I think I've posted most of the other songs I have of hers, so this sorta ended up being today's song by default. But it doesn't mean that I don't love it, because I love all of her songs! In fact, I would totally buy more of her music right now except for the fact that I pre-ordered Gungor's new album this week! I know, I just pre-ordered NTB's last week...I think I'm addicted to music...And what's crazy is that both albums come out on the same day. I'm not sure what I'll do! Anyways, back to Amy Stroup...she has a song on the Ten Out of Tenn, Vol. 4 album that's free this weekend on NoiseTrade. [The deal is over, so I removed that link] You should check it out {especially you, Brooke & Becky! I mean, these people are from your state!}

And finally, a recap of my week ~ because I know you're oh-so-anxious to know about my exciting days! {ha ha!} This week I...

...totally geeked out over this:

{175 facts & a bunch of pictures of Houston (then & now) ~ I know, I'm such a nerd!}

...had coffee with my friend Sloan!

...watched a little TV with my friend Amy :)

...enjoyed the company of around 120 women from my church

...didn't puke out of nervousness for having to stand in front of said women to give a synopsis of the study I'll be leading!

...worked a little {& watched funny weather videos while "researching" the current tropical storm conditions that could effect the Gulf. Have I mentioned that I work for an insurance adjusting company? It really was research!} ;)

...scrapbooked & ran errands with my friend Jana {& held her sweet baby!}

...attended our 1st MOPS meeting of the year! I am so blessed to mentor a table of beautiful young moms! ♥ I don't know all of them very well, but I know & love three of them already. I've recently interacted with the other two & have been wanting to get to know them better. I was seriously so excited when I got my table list that I ran upstairs & read off the names to Chris (not that he knows all of the ladies, but he has learned to smile & nod at appropriate times)! Anyways, I'm really looking forward to this year & hope that I can be a good Mentor Mom for them!

...got to meet my tragically hip friend's precious baby boy! {Have I mentioned that I love holding babies?!}

...went to our first youth event in the new student ministry building!

...saw my baby brother! :)

...didn't get enough sleep! {Goodness gracious!! Why in the world do I wake up in the middle of the night & just lay there for a stinking hour or more?! Then when I finally do get back to sleep, little bit has to go outside & eat/puke grass again...}

Alrighty, I'm off to bed {ya, we'll see if I actually make it there before midnight...} I hope your holiday weekend is super wonderful!! ♥



Becky Crenshaw said…
I am totally voting for Butch!
Wow... what a week! Sounds like all kinds of fun things happened this week. Voted for Butch! Wishing him lots of luck!
Brooke said…
voted!! :) have a great week!
Zion said…
I voted! You won one contest you can do it again!

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