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(by Abandon) Let Go - Control

A new year of MOPS has started up, and I have the privilege of being a Mentor Mom again! I'm cheating today by posting what I wrote for the "Ask Amy" column of the MOPS newsletter. I was asked a few questions, and can I be honest & say that I struggled with the answers? There are many times when I feel like I don't have much to offer these women ~ especially when some of the questions they ask are things that I have a hard time with, too! So I did my best with the answers. I had limited space in the newsletter, so I had to use my words sparingly. As you know, that's not easy for me! So the stuff in the little curly brackets is extra just for y'all! {We can look at it as a commentary on my own words. Gosh, how do y'all put up with me?!}

  1. Being a new mom presents it's challenges. I sometimes find myself at 4pm and have only found time for a cup of coffee for breakfast and lunch! How do you manage to find time for yourself? First of all, you need to eat! While coffee is important, a healthy breakfast is even more important! As for "me" time, I still struggle with that. What I've discovered is that I have to schedule it most of the time. Sometimes that involves getting up early, and sometimes that involves staying up late. When I had little ones at home, my husband would occasionally take the kids somewhere when he realized I desperately needed some time to myself. I tried to take the little moments as they came (when the kids were napping or otherwise entertained). Another thing that was helpful was when another mom and I took turns watching each others' children once a week. {Can I be honest here & say that there are days when I find myself at 4pm and have only had coffee? Chris always asks, "How do you forget to eat?!" I don't know, I just do! And apparently I'm not alone if it was mentioned in a question!}
  2. What is the best advice you've ever received? The best advice I ever received was to let it go. I tend to be a control freak, so I have a hard time with things that are beyond my control. What I've come to realize is that by holding on to things and trying to retain control of situations, I am not trusting God. He has my best interest in mind, and He sees the big picture. What I see is only a small part of His plan. When I realize that I'm not trusting Him with a situation, I can still hear my friend Eva's voice encouraging me to let it go! As an act of faith, I have to relinquish it to Him and sincerely pray, "Not my will, but Yours be done." {Obviously, y'all know that this is something I still struggle with on a regular basis! There are days when I have to pray that (& more) repeatedly. And those days are reminders of my complete & utter dependence on God!}
  3. How would you describe your personal style? I would describe my style as "thrift store chic"! {ha ha!} I don't have much fashion knowledge, so I'm not sure what my style would be. I like ruffles & jeans, so whatever you call that! {Laura said that I could also say "casual cool". Since I don't understand fashion terms, I'm going to take it as she thinks I'm cool! ;) Thanks, Laura! ü}

Okey doke, that's all for today! I hope y'all have a good one!



Brooke said…
you're definitely cool! :)

have a great weekend!!!
That is fantastic Amy! You are a mentor mom... aww. That sounds like a sweet job and one that you are perfect for! ♥

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