"The Sun is Shining Down"

(by JJ Grey & Mofro) The Sun Is Shining Down - Country Ghetto

The Sun Is Shining Down by JJ Grey on Grooveshark

With yesterday being a holiday {& having a good theme song} I'm a day late on my gratefulness post. Since I'm not actually linking up with the meme, I'm not too concerned about it. I hope you're OK with me posting "Multitudes on Mondays" on a Tuesday again. :) Today, I am incredibly grateful for...
  1. My husband surviving cancer for 3 years
  2. Cody signing "I love you" before running upstairs
  3. Elly making me origami roses
  4. Pepper greeting me enthusiastically when I get home
  5. Pepper greeting me enthusiastically when I wake up!
  6. Christopher's job
  7. Saturdays when I can sleep in
  8. Beautiful mornings spent on my patio
  9. Getting to see my aunt (from out of state) THREE days in a row
  10. My family of origin {who lives close enough to see regularly}
  11. My baby brother living right down the road!
  12. Getting the chance to brighten up somebody's day :)
  13. Rocking chairs
  14. Porch swings
  15. Bubble baths
  16. Good books
  17. A hot bubble bath with a good book!
  18. Circle E Candles {especially Bird of Paradise}
  19. Good conversation
  20. Kyla {who has a birthday this week!!}
  21. My friend who is 50 today!! :P
  22. A new year of MOPS
  23. A new student ministry building
  24. A new Bible study {it started today!!}
  25. Leaves shaped like hearts

As today's song says, "It's the little things, not expectation, that make life worth living." What's on your list of "little things" that you're grateful for today?



Brooke said…
what study are you starting?

I got Beth Moore's Daniel at the church library last week.
Zion said…
Great list! You know I love baths, and have you read The Help? I think I might be the last person to have picked it up, ha ha. I just finished it and loved it.
Ginger said…
Oh, Amy, what a beautiful list of thanksgiving. I LOVE that book, and what a blessing it is to share with you.

Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving your request. It is so nice to meet you.

You left some really great verses for us to stand upon, which I have updated within the Prayer Post.

Hope to see you around here again soon, and keep us updated as well.


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