(by Nichole Nordeman) Gratitude - Woven & Spun (Bonus Track Version)

Though life doesn't always go as I want it to, I still have so much to be thankful for! Today I'm continuing my list of One Thousand Gifts ~ a list of things I'm grateful for...
  1. Visits from hummingbirds {I ♥ them!}
  2. Cooler mornings
  3. Friends who are more than aware of my ambivalent tendencies yet tolerate me anyways! :)
  4. A great turnout for the Bible studies at church
  5. Being able to attend Bible study with my baby brother
  6. Catching up with old friends
  7. Reconnecting with my friend Stephanie's mom (that I mentioned on Saturday) and sharing memories with her that showed her a part of Stephanie that she never knew ♥
  8. My uncle's family (who has taken such good care of my grandmother for many years)
  9. Seeing my kids sitting close together on the same couch cushion & laughing together at something they're watching on youtube
  10. My counselor
  11. My chiropractor
  12. Firefighters
  13. Uplifting blogs
  14. Funny blogs
  15. Lists
  16. Crossing things off lists!
  17. Stickie notes
  18. Clipboards
  19. My super cute pink bike!
  20. Experts in the field of Ocular Melanoma
  21. Nice people to talk to while in the waiting room for said experts
  22. A mostly good report from said experts
  23. Finding humor in the midst of visits to said experts {Have I mentioned Christopher's ridiculous wisecracks before?}
  24. Health insurance
  25. An inexpensive (& muy delicioso) lunch menu at Chacho's

What are you thankful for today?



Zion said…
I love lists too and I would like to have a hummingbird feeder because I think they are so cool.
Ginger said…
Your lists are so full of variety and make me realize I should reflect that more myself.

Nice to visit your blog again.


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