"Little Things"

(by Lamb) Little Things - The Best of Lamb 1996-2004 - Best Kept Secrets

I'm continuing my list on a Monday!!! How about that?! If you haven't taken the time to appreciate all of the little gifts that you have in life, I hope you will soon. Life is so much brighter when you focus on God & His blessings. Today I am grateful for...
  1. My Bible study girls
  2. Seeing (& benefitting from) community and accountability in my Bible study girls
  3. My health
  4. Reflective window tinting {now I can tell if it's creepy old neighbor guy at the door or Kristi & her cute kids. And I will open the door accordingly!}
  5. The opportunity to babysit my little friend {who loves his "Auntie Amy"!}
  6. Cantaloupe
  7. Reusable bags
  8. Reusable water bottles
  9. Ladies Game Night at church
  10. School holidays so I can sleep in :)
  11. Days when I don't have to be somewhere by a certain time
  12. Days when I can just veg on Amy's couch & watch TV
  13. My kids getting along (most of the time)!
  14. Catching up with the little sister of my best friend in middle school
  15. Excedrin Migraine
  16. My baby brother feeling protective of me ♥
  17. Friends who share their Astros tickets
  18. Enjoying the company of a super cute three-year-old boy :)
  19. Spending time with some of the sweetest, most beautiful teenage girls on the planet ♥
  20. Messages of love from my beautiful cousin Kendra
  21. Long emails from my friend in England
  22. Another mom to carpool with
  23. An extra 45 minutes each morning that I don't drive carpool!
  24. God's promise that He is with us when we are gathered in His name (Matt 18:20)
  25. Seeing answer to prayer in our Moms In Touch group!

What's on your list today?



Brooke said…
how'd you enjoy the game this weekend?
Anonymous said…
I think closing with God's promise really speaks volumes. You have a beautiful heart.

Yay for reflective window tinting! I love a good veg day. Seeing an answer to prayer... such a gift. Love your list Amy! ♥

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