"Beautiful Things"

(by Gungor) Beautiful Things - Beautiful Things

I have no idea why it has taken me this long to post today's song! I guess I got a little sidetracked by Mozella, Donavon & The Reliques. But I seriously LOVE Gungor, so you'll probably see a few more of their songs eventually. And I'm loving Abandon...I think I may already know what next week's song will be, unless I end up splurging on some other new tunes that I've been checking out...Anyways, back to today's song: I love it! I love the message, and I love how it sounds. I love how God makes beautiful things out of dust. And I love that He makes us new. As usual, I love the whole entire song. But I'd have to say that my favorite lyrics are:

All around
Hope is springing up from this old ground
Out of chaos life is being found in You

And the part of the song that I like the most is when she sings, "You make me new, You are making me new..." ♥

I had a super great week, except for The Great Dr Pepper Tragedy of 2011:

There was a similar tragedy back in '06, and the van doors had only recently stopped sticking (because of the soda residue). This recent tragedy was much worse, except for the fact that I didn't lock myself out of the house this time...Anyways, I had precariously stacked four cases of Dr Pepper in the garage before I took the kids to school the other day. When I got home, I opened up my van door & (in my oh-so-graceful manner) knocked two cases off the top of the stack. 14 cans exploded & spewed out all over my garage. OK, just a portion of my garage, but it was still a crazy mess! There was seriously a river of Dr Pepper flowing under my van & onto the driveway. It was not fun. I don't particularly like Dr Pepper, so the worst part for me was having to clean it up...

As for the rest of my week, it was really good! Amy & I went to lunch with a new friend, and now we have plans to get together on a regular basis! :) Amy & I also had a mindless TV day, but we were rudely interrupted by Nicole (the one with the fabulous Unisuit) & didn't get to finish our show. I kid, I kid! She didn't rudely interrupt. She had some pictures that they were trying to print for our new youth building at church, & Amy is quite knowledgeable when it comes to all things photography-related. Nicole brought her computer over, and we tried to re-size the pics. {And by "we" I mean "they". I just played lovely music for Nicole to fall in love with!}

I worked a couple of times this week. There was a little down time after lunch one day, so I told Gary (the sunshine boss) that I was going to get a milkshake. He asked if I'd pick up some food for him & said he'd buy my shake! Then he had me ask the other two people in the office if they'd like something. Somehow I let Rob talk me into getting us both a large shake. Big mistake, because I proceeded to drink the entire thing & had a stomach ache for the rest of the day! Lesson learned: never listen to a man 3.5 times my size when he says that I need the same size shake as him.

I also got to play Barbies with my adorable little neighbor this week! She had them downstairs while she was napping, because "they were screaming & disobeying"! Kristi (her mom) & I were taking advantage of nap time and visiting while the house was quiet (except for the screaming Barbies). After Gracie's nap, she invited us to play Barbies with her. But before we played, she asked if she could pray. My sweet little neighbor had us bow our heads while she thanked God for Barbies with clothes that we could change & for all their colors of lipstick! :) How adorable is that?!

Awkward moment of the week: I was painting at the church yesterday, and Aaron (our youth associate) came up to me and introduced me to a guy who had been doing some community service hours at the church this week. I checked to make sure that my hand didn't have paint on it, then I stuck it out to shake the guy's hand. He stared at me awkwardly for a few seconds, and then he finally shook it. I turned around & got back to work as Aaron gave a few instructions & walked off. Then the guy said, "I'm sorry. I don't usually shake hands with women." I thought that was odd, but I figured maybe it was against his religious or something. [In my defense: he wasn't a member of my church, and he looked a little Middle Eastern. Please don't judge me!] Then he said, "I prefer hugs."


That was totally not was I was expecting! You probably won't believe this, but I was speechless. I promise you, I'm not making this stuff up! And because I know you're wondering: No, I did not hug him.

You'll be glad to know that I'm 6/7 in my goal to brighten up somebody's day! I have to admit that a couple of instances were purely accidental. I honestly was just being myself at work with a simple little MISspeak {smell/spell ~ though very similar in spelling, they have quite different meanings} & an accidental phone call. And I can't think of anything I did on Thursday to brighten anyone's day :( But guess what?! At least once each day this week, somebody has brightened up MY day!! How about that?!

Alrighty, I'm off to brighten up the world...one smile at a time! :) OK, well I'm actually off to do a bit of housecleaning before our houseguest arrives! Jana's sister's new boyfriend needed a place to stay, so I get to grill him prepare the guest room for him! I hope you're having a super great weekend!



Oh no... a river of DP! Gratitude for Barbies and their clothes... that is adorable! Oh my gosh. That is a *totally* awkward moment Amy! lol I love hearing about your days! :) Hope you have a great weekend! ♥
Anonymous said…
i think that guy was just plain awkward... :D
Amanda said…
Give my condolensces to Butch about all the lost Dr. Pepper. Poor, poor Dr. Pepper.

AND I'm sure you could have brightened someone's day for sure, IF you would have *hugged* them. :D TOO FUNNY!!

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