"Keeping Me Away From You"

(by Donavon Frankenreiter) Keeping Me Away from You - Glow (Deluxe Edition)

This week has been a little more low-key than the past few, but it's been a good one! :)

It started out with my baby boy preaching his first "sermon" on Sunday! He has had it on his heart to speak in the children's ministry since he moved up to the preteens at the beginning of the summer. After camp, he had even more of a desire to do it. He really enjoyed his time with the camp counselors there, & they encouraged him to take any opportunity to preach the Word of God. They even let him lead a devotional one night. So when he got home, he talked to our children's pastor about speaking in children's service. He finally got his chance on Sunday, & I snuck out of youth so I could be there! It's not the best video {because it was captured on my point-and-shoot, & I moved around a lot} but you should still be able to hear it!

{How cute is he?! I love that he has a desire to preach God's Word! And something else I love is the fact that after I uploaded the video to youtube, his sister saw it & commented, "yay cody! i love you!" ♥}

Laura & I took advantage of one of our 100 degree days & did something fun, but you'll have to wait 'til I have a chance to post the details on that!

We've had people over almost every day this week {which I love!} The house was full of kids a few days, & I had a way-too-short visit from my uncle & beautiful cousin another day. They came down here for a funeral & stayed at our house, but they weren't even here for 12 hours (& a good chunk of those were spent sleeping). But I'm glad for any chance to see them! Another uncle is coming today, along with my dad & my brother's family! :)

My birthday celebrations continued in to this week!! On Sunday, I got a Men Without Hats piece of flair from a friend who has no appreciation for 80's pop music! :P

I received a beautiful necklace from my friend Marcie ~ but there's a song that goes with it, so I'll post more about it later! :)

Last night, my birthday girls took me out to dinner at one of my favorite places. Then we went back to Amy's for homemade Texas Sheet Cake...

...& more presents! I am so spoiled!! :) Kyla got me the new Abandon CD & a super cute travel mug {that I've declared my "Sunday mug" ~ no more spilled java, Wade! This mug is so cute that I plan on taking it to church with me every Sunday!} and Amy got me a beautiful necklace/earring set {I will learn how to accessorize!} and some cute notecards {I love cute stationery!}

{Next year, maybe I'll be better at actually taking a picture WITH my gift-givers!}

And I totally forgot to mention that I got a new {grown up} Bible from my family!

As for the song, I've been listening to Donavon Frankenreiter again this week. Though I like most of his songs, I think today's song is my favorite (this week, anyways) solely because of how the girl says, "Keeping me away from you (oh oh oh oh)". {which led me the discovery of MoZella (the girl I just mentioned) ~ you may recognize a song or two of hers ♥} I've acquired an eclectic mix of new albums lately, so I'm interested to see what ends up being next week's song...

Well, I must attempt the beautification process before my family arrives! I hope y'all have a super weekend!! :)



Oh my gosh... your baby boy is so sweet! How wonderful at his age he has such a desire to preach God's word! I love that your birthday celebration has continued. How fun is that!?! Hope you have a great visit with your family Amy! ♥
Becky Crenshaw said…
Amy! Sweet BOY! Oh my word!! Thank you SSSOOOO much for sharing this special moment with all of us! Happy Birthday by the way!! You are adorable!

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