(by Soulwax) Funny - Much Against Everyone's Advice

On Saturday night, our community group had a fun night out on the town! We met at a little place called Jus' Mac. {Contrary to the name of the restaurant, they have a few things besides mac n cheese. Maybe it should be called Mostly Mac?} Everyone except for Deidre & me got different kinds, & I tried a few of them. They were all good, but only Dave's had words written in sauce. {Jana warned you that you might show up on the blog, Dave!}

{How cute is that?! His was called The Cowboy!}

After dinner, we headed to a family-friendly improv show. We had some time to kill, so we tried to find a coffee shop nearby. We weren't successful, but I snapped this picture of half our group looking for a place on their phones!

Waiting for the show to begin...

To start things off, they asked if anyone had a birthday. Since nobody raised their hand, they asked if anyone had one anytime around then. Since it was still my birthday week -- & Brian wouldn't raise his hand! -- I raised mine. They had me go up on stage & sit in a chair while they sang me an incredibly short birthday song!

For the rest of the show, they asked for a lot of audience participation. Sometimes they just wanted us to give them the setting/relationship of the characters for each sketch. Other times, they needed assistance reading lines, giving prompts, saying "ding", etc. I tried my best to get good pictures, but this is the best I could do...

When the guy couldn't remember his next word, Cody prompted him with some random word. I totally can't remember the setting of his sketch:

Jana was in Antartica in the midst of a love triangle & could only say two phrases: "I like shoes" & "I'm clueless"! It was funny! :)

Deidre was a chip counter in Vegas, & she could only say lines from the book in her hands...


Chris was a puppeteer for janitors at Disneyworld:

{The other puppeteer was quite aggressive ~ in case you couldn't tell!}

They also did a sketch set in a school cafeteria, and it was a dialogue between a student & lunch lady. We had supplied lines before the show started, and they pulled them out of a hat without having looked at them before. It was pretty funny to see them try to incorporate phrases like: "Luke, I am your father", "Show me your nook", "Will you marry me?" & "This is the skin of a killer"! It was such a fun night! :)



RR Mama said…
Looks like you had a lot of fun! Happy Belated Birthday!!!
That sounds like so much fun! Love the photo of everyone using their phone to find a place. lol How great that they sang Happy Birthday to you!! :) I hope you had the most wonderful birthday week ever! ♥
Zion said…
That does look like fun! I would love to try that Macaroni place.
Brooke said…
what a fun night!!! :)

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