(by Modest Mouse) Dashboard - We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank

One day last week {when everybody else was suffering} my friend Laura & I were actually happy about the 100 degree weather...


Laura had sent me the link to her friend's blog post about them near the beginning of the summer, and we finally had the chance to make them! I prepared the dough the night before & put it in the freezer:

I moved my van to the driveway that morning, so it would be nice & "pre-heated" :) We weren't instructed to thaw the dough, but it was too frozen to slice when Laura arrived at my house. So we set it on the counter (for maybe 30 minutes?) while we ate lunch. Once it had softened a little, we sliced it up & put our slices on wax paper-lined cookie sheets:

Then we took the cookie sheets outside & placed them in the dashboard:

We went out to check the temperature a few times ~ but we didn't want to let the heat out, so we didn't open the doors:

{ftr: I looked it up, and bacteria multiplies in temperatures ranging from 40-140 degrees. It was 140 degrees when we put the cookies in the van, so we're good!}

We checked the cookies after a few hours. They were crispy, but they didn't slide around on the wax paper:

So we left them for another 30 minutes:

They still didn't slide on the wax paper, but when I felt one of the cookies it broke. So we knew they were cooked all the way through! We were quite anxious to try them!!

They were delicious!! To quote Laura, they were "totally worth 100 degree weather!"

I know they don't look done, because sugar doesn't caramelize at 160 degrees. But they were perfect :)

Have you done anything fun in the sun lately?



Laura said…
YAAAAAAAAAAAAY! Way for us to make good use of the record-breaking heat!

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