(by Jenny & Tyler) Abide - Open Your Doors

As I mentioned on Saturday, my baby girl & I went to a Jenny & Tyler House Show!!

There were maybe 40 of us gathered in the living room & kitchen of some nice people who offered us coffee and IZZEs. I didn't crop the following photo to show you how chill the environment was! :)

It was really neat to be part of such an intimate concert. They began & ended with a couple of my favorites, "Song For You" & "This is Just So Beautiful" {which I actually posted twice!} They did one sweet new song about a little something they had just announced at a concert the night before. I haven't seen an official announcement via social networking, though, so I'll just let you look closely at the picture below to see if you can figure it out... ;) ~> I just received an official email announcement, so I think it's OK to say it: they're expecting their first baby in July!!

They're singing today's song in the following picture:

How fitting that the homeowners had that verse {one of my favorites} on the wall! And it gets better...Elly & I met Jenny & Tyler after the show, and we asked them to sign a couple of things. Elly had a random piece of paper in her pocket, and I asked if they'd sign one of their lyric cards. I didn't look at my card until later, when Elly asked if I had read what they wrote. Her message said, "Many blessings to you," and mine said:

How cool is that?! In case you have forgotten, those are words from the song I used for my 2012 recap!  {& coincidentally, I posted a song of theirs for 2011 as well!} So because of the multiple references to abiding, I thought this was the best song to post for the show. ü



Zion said…
Oh Amy, that is awesome! I am so happy for you. hat a special night. House shows are great.
RR Mama said…
I love this! What a fabulous night!!!
what a great night!! love all the references to abiding! :)

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