"Devil's Been Talkin'"

(by NEEDTOBREATHE) Devil's Been Talkin' - The Reckoning

Once again, today's song isn't what I listened to the most. They posted the video this week, so I thought I'd share it. Since there seem to be so many of these, I asked Mister Christopher to alter my Scrobbled Saturday graphic for days like this:

My scrobbled songs are a little wonky this week for several reasons:
  1. I played one song numerous times while trying to re-upload it to Google Play {because it would only play 20 seconds of it} :/
  2. I don't think I should count my "Workout" playlist, because it's random & not necessarily what I want to listen to {the songs are incredibly random, but they're a good pace for running}
  3. Sadly, my iPod won't charge anymore. I've been listening to the radio more than usual, because at times it's too complicated to plug my phone in & pull up the music app, especially if I'm only going to Kroger. It's sorta pointless to go through all of that for a 3-mile round trip drive.
Speaking of Kroger, I think I have a problem:

These are the only receipts in my wallet. And that's only been since Tuesday. Cody says I'm addicted to Kroger...I think he's right! ;)

So Christopher made fun of me for having a LinkedIn profile. Probably because I have no skills other than typing. Unfortunately, nobody cares how talented I am at injuring myself, spilling coffee, over-explaining, or running into people I know in strange places. But I think the real reason he made fun of me is because I only work 10-12 hours a week, which doesn't really make me a professional. So I have a little confession to make: I only joined because Ryan Moats invited me. I'm not sure what that says about me, but I just thought I'd admit it.

On to other randomness...high school friends from my little town were on TV this week! Their five minutes of fame were for both good and bad reasons, and we'll start with the bad: Some of them were on that cruise ship & somehow ended up being interviewed on GMA {the girl in the middle was one of my besties!} The good was that my friends Dwayne & Tara were on Wheel of Fortune! Tara was my classmate, and she married one of my closest friends & neighbors {I mentioned visiting his parents while in town for a funeral awhile back} Here they are, right before she realized that  they would've won if only she had said "L" {there were three of them, as opposed to the one "W" that she guessed}...

I'm on the tail end of Disciple Now weekend, and I've had a house full of junior high boys. Their loud squeals kept me up way too late last night this morning, and I'm not real hopeful that tonight will be any better. {I'm so thankful that Monday is a school holiday so I can sleep in a little!} From all that I've seen, though, the weekend has been super! So it's totally worth a little less sleep! I've heard the strangest things with all of these boys around...my favorite went something like this, "Can I lick your elbow? You can't lick your own elbow, so you'll never know how it feels!" What?! The thought has never crossed my mind to wonder how that feels! {ftr, the silly boy did let his friend lick his elbow!} I was a failure at taking pictures, and they're in the middle of a small group session {which means I'm hiding away in my room!} But I took this picture of the junior high girls before they went inside the food bank for their service project:

There are probably other things that occurred this week, but the only other thing that comes to mind is our little Valentine's tradition. This time we brought both of Brian & Jana's kiddos. They're super cute, and I wish I had thought to take a picture! :/ I suppose that's all for now! Please disregard any typos! I hope y'all are having a super great weekend! ♥



that is a handful of receipts! lol ;) so sorry for your friends on that cruise ship... i can not imagine! how fun to be on wheel!!
RR Mama said…
Our eye doctor had taken his entire staff on that cruise. I'm just glad that they finally made it off the ship and were safe! Hope you got some much needed rest yesterday.
Brooke said…
what in the world do you keep buying? lol!
Zion said…
That is cool that your friends ere on wheel of fortune! I love and frequent Kroger too by the way. Hey, those gas points add up!

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