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I hadn't really planned on doing another one of these, but figured I could post about this & possibly get a little prayer coverage from y'all. This is what I'm reading today:

I don't think I've told y'all about the young lady of a different religion who visits me on a regular basis. Julie has been coming by for almost as long as I've lived in this house. At first it was only once a month or so. She'd stop by and read a verse from the Bible, and that was all. In the last six to nine months, she has come by every week to read through a book about what the Bible teaches (that her religion has published). She always brings one other person with her; though the other person varies each week (usually one of four or five ladies that sorta rotate, if that makes sense).

I have known all along that there are some pretty big differences in what we believe, but I didn't feel God prompting me to say anything until recently. At times, I have felt like maybe I was chickening out or not relying on the Holy Spirit to speak through me. But honestly, up until this past month or so, she hasn't said (or read) anything that I disagree with. In hindsight, I don't feel like I've chickened out at all; I think that God was allowing me to build a relationship in order for me to be able to speak truth that she will actually receive.

Since coming up on things I don't believe over the last few weeks, I have been doing quite a bit of research into her religion and the translation of the Bible that they use. In a very non-confrontational way, I have been able to share what I believe the Bible says about a couple of issues that their Bible mistranslates. And I have been able to express my concern about the accuracy of their Bible translation. Julie and her friend both thanked me for sharing my beliefs last week, and they are continuing to come back.

I have read ahead in the book that we're reading, and I know that today we will read about a huge difference in our beliefs. I have talked with friends who know Greek, and I have studied other places in the Bible that use the same words. I am confident that traditional Christianity, and the versions of the Bible that I read, interpret these verses accurately. If you happen to read this post before 4:00-4:30(ish) CST, will you please pray for me? I want to speak the truth in love, and I know that God has brought sweet Julie into my life for a reason. If you read this after she has visited, will you please join me in praying that God opens her eyes to the truth?

Thank you, friends! ♥



Jack W said…
Yeah, it can be tough when dealing with Bible translations as a fundamental starting point, even within orthodox Christian circles (I've had a lot of discussions with a few Christian friends who insist that the King James is the only "correct" version). But even with knowledge of Greek and Hebrew, getting past what people have been taught in their church is a challenging task. Will certainly pray that you'll continue to speak the truth in love & that God will open their hearts to your words.
Brooke said…
Dear Heavenly Father,

Use Amy this afternoon. Impress on her when to keep silent and when to speak up. Provide her with the words needed to share with this young lady.

In the name of Jesus,
i missed the time... but i hope you had a wonderful conversation today, amy! xo
Zion said…
I think I missed the time too, but I still prayed anyway. I think it is AWESOME what you are doing. I have never even considered going about it the way you are, but I think that's great. I would be interested to hear what resources you've used because I feel so ill equipped when it comes to knowing about other religions.
{amy} said…
To answer Messy Mom's question, I have been using the Interlinear Bible (pictured in the post) that I borrowed from a friend who used to teach World Religions. She referred me to the following sights: 4Truth.net and Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry (CARM). There have been a few other websites that I've read bits & pieces of, but those two are the main ones that have been very helpful to me.

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