(by Ryan Star) Breathe - 11:59 (Deluxe Version)

I was a Ryan Star fan when he was on "Rock Star: Supernova" several years ago, but I haven't really followed him since. Occasionally I'll hear a song & find out that it's him, but that's really about it. This morning, I was watching Tuesday night's "Biggest Loser"; & when I heard this song, I really felt God speaking to me through it. It isn't a "Christian song"*, and from everything I know about Ryan I don't think he knows the Lord. But I think God can use anything to speak to us, and for me He used this song today. He does that with me a lot, actually, which probably has something to do with my love for music ~ either that, or He knows how much I love music, so He uses it to speak to me. Either way, it works!

Anyways, you know how I sometimes settle into a bit of a funk about the whole cancer thing. Well, I obviously need to give my fears over to the Lord, because there's absolutely nothing I can do about my situation! I know that I need to trust Him to take care of me & all that, but I have moments/days/weeks of weakness at times. For the past few weeks, I keep hearing the words to Needtobreathe's "Lay 'Em Down" & know that I need to do that [lay my burdens down]. Again, with this song today, I can hear the Lord telling me:
Breathe, just breathe
Take the world off your shoulders and put it on me

& in the bridge he says:
Let go of the fear, let go of the doubt
Let go of the ones who try to put you down
You’re gonna be fine, don’t hold it inside
And if you hurt right now
Then let it all come out

Really, this song could have been written about me, as somewhat of a theme song for my life (though I've never dreamed of running away, as the 2nd verse says). I know that it wasn't intended to be written from God's perspective, but I heard Him today. Has God spoken to you through something out of the ordinary lately?

* Last year, Ryan actually made a video to this song (embedding is disabled) that featured real people looking for jobs {which I think is pretty cool!}



Brooke said…
I weep for you my friend. May the power of God strengthen you. May the love of God encourage you. May He squeeze you tightly in His arms to comfort you.
RR Mama said…
Oh my sweet bloggy friend, God does speak to us. And you are a good and faithful servant. You had your heart open to listen to Him speak. He will give you everything you need. My hope is that God will hold you close and give you the breath of comfort.

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