"This Christmas"

(by Chris Brown) This Christmas - This Christmas (Songs from the Motion Picture)

{If you want to hear the song, I've added it to the player at the bottom. Grooveshark has changed things again!}

We have taken our family picture & picked out a Christmas card!

We picked "Glamour Glitter Joy" as our card that we made on Shutterfly, because we are filled with the JOY of Christ & want Him to be the focus of our Christmas season.
Glitter Glamour Joy Christmas Card
Shop Shutterfly for elegant custom Christmas photo cards.
View the entire collection of cards.

Now YOU have a chance to help us out! Shutterfly is hosting a Holiday Photo Contest, and we've entered our family photo above. If we win, all of the prize money is going toward our medical bills. All you have to do is view our picture & VOTE! {You have to have a Shutterfly account, but you can get one for free if you don't have one ~ & they usually offer some free pictures to new members, so that's pretty cool!} Feel free to leave a comment, too, because that helps us get more exposure. Thanks a bunch!!



Brooke said…
i voted last night! :) i love this picture of yall! and only in texas could a woman wear short sleeves in a christmas pic!
Zion said…
Love the picture. I voted too and I loved how you phrased everything in the contest.
RR Mama said…
Great picture! I love it!

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