"Merry Christmas, Here's to Many More"

(by Relient K) Merry Christmas, Here's to Many More - Let It Snow Baby... Let It Reindeer

We had a super fun weekend! Friday night was our church's annual hayride & cookout. We enjoyed hanging out with our friends & looking at Christmas lights! It was super cold for us Texans, though. I was glad we brought blankets! There's one house that goes all out with loads of Disney stuff every year. After the hayride, I took the kids back over there. It's one of those houses where you actually get out of your car & walk around, because there's so much to see. There are about 6 or 8 different "scenes", and several of them have sound effects & such. The new thing this year was a "Despicable Me" scene.

Cute, huh?

On Saturday, we went to a Christmas party given by one of my mister's former co-worker's. We had yummy food & met a lot of people. I made a little boy cry, but I think that story calls for a MIS-series post.

Sunday night was our Community Group Christmas Party! It was so much fun! We did a Progressive Dinner that started with appetizers at Brian & Jana's, dinner at Dave & Deidre's, then ended with dessert & gifts at our house. The ladies exchanged real gifts. Jana opened this great gift of homemade Vanilla Sugar body scrub & a beautiful BeadForLife necklace...

...that I got to steal, since my gifts kept getting stolen :)

The guys exchanged White Elephant [gag] gifts ~ which is always funny! My mister had originally stolen some Marine fatigues & MREs, but they got stolen from him. So he was eying a quiver that Aaron had opened...

I've never seen a real one. It pretty much looks like a "murse", huh? Well, when he got the chance, my mister stole it & promptly put it on. Nice!

I have no idea what he plans to do with it {other than re-gift it next year!} We had a good time, though! It was a great weekend! How was yours?



RR Mama said…
I have always wanted to do one of those progressive dinners. They sound like so much fun!
Brooke said…
how fun! stealing gifts is the best (except we're your the one getting stolen from!)

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