"The Best is Yet to Come"

(by Frank Sinatra) 

I was going to do a weekend post but realized that I still have a lot of birthday things to share, so I'll catch you up on everything else later...

I keep telling myself that I only turn 40 once, so the indulgence is justified. But I really do feel a bit spoiled this year for sure! As you probably already know, Christopher surprised me with a groovy party the Sunday before my birthday! And if you follow me on any sort of social media, you probably also know that I continued to celebrate throughout the week...

Elly & I were right down the street from The Chocolate Bar one day, so we had to go there!

On the evening before my birthday, Elly, Laurien, and I went to Kenny & Ziggy's and split a strange appetizer, Monte Cristo, and gigantic slice of cheesecake...

...then walked some of it off at the Galleria and water wall! Our pictures were horrible, but I feel the need to post one anyways!

On my actual birthday, Cody had an all-day meeting at the church (for the student leadership team that he is on). He had spent the night with Allen, but he sent me a birthday video first thing in the morning! And Elly started out the day by playing the birthday song on her guitar! :) I just might have the sweetest kids! ♥

Since Cody had the meeting, Elly & I got to spend the day together! We had been talking about going to Jupiter all summer, and I'm so glad we finally made it! We split an order of Dodge Balls and a lunch special that consisted of a house salad, chicken bites, and a margherita pizza. Had I known how large the portions were, we probably would've just split the lunch special. But I'm glad we tried it all, and we definitely plan on going back to try their breakfast!

We spent the afternoon painting coffee mugs, which I thought was super fun!

This is my mug after I picked it up this week! It's not perfect, but I'm happy with my first try! Ü

Elly was meeting a friend for dinner in Sugar Land, and it didn't make sense for us to drive all the way home just for her to turn around and drive back, so we did what we had to do...ate a Pizookie at BJ's to kill some time! ;)

Fridays are Pizza & Movie Night at our house. After eating, the boys let me pick a girl movie! Cody ended up playing games upstairs, and Christopher pulled out his computer to do some work while Elly & I watched 13 Going on 30! Chris had picked up cupcakes on the way home, but I was only able to eat half of one that night since I had already indulged quite a bit... ü

The next day I got to have lunch with my birthday girls! I completely forgot about getting a picture, but I promise it happened! I usually pick a little restaurant with the most delicious broccoli cheese soup, quiche, and fruit salad with poppyseed dressing. They also have these incredible garlic bread rounds that make my mouth water just thinking about them! Even better than the food is my time with Amy, Marcie, and Kyla! We each end up so busy that we don't find the time to get together as often as we should, but we enjoy our birthday celebrations and are glad they they happen every few months!

And finally, my family took me out for birthday lunch at Pappadeaux after church on Sunday!

Again, I feel very spoiled with all of the celebration! But more than that, I feel very loved! ♥



RR Mama said…
Looks like you had an amazing birthday week! And isn't that what you are supposed to do, celebrate all week? Glad you had a great one.
Zion said…
There is no such thing as over celebrating. I am all about it. In fact I have had similar feelings about some of the stuff I have done for this pregnancy, but my excuse is that this is the last time and I am just going to live it up. I love that mug by the way. You should have a mug painting business.

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