"New Orleans Blues"

(by Jelly Roll Morton) 

{NOLA Day 2}

If I can be completely honest with y'all, our first night's sleep wasn't the best. We were staying just around the corner from a club, so there was a lot of noise as well as a lot of cars driving down the street. I think we humans could've handled it fine, but Pepper was on edge and would bark every time she heard a remotely loud noise!

All that is to say...I definitely needed some caffeine! We had a Groupon for Cafe Luna, a cute and somewhat quirky little neighborhood coffee shop that also has amazing breakfast sandwiches.

After enjoying our breakfast, we headed toward Jackson Square. But first we humored Cody by letting him play at a little playground we passed along the way!

While doing our research before the trip, we discovered Crazy Dash which is a digital guided walking tour combined with a photo scavenger hunt! It sounded like fun, so we signed the family up! Jackson Square was our starting point, and from there we walked all over town answering questions at certain locations and taking photos of us doing (mostly) silly things like...

...pretending to be a band in front of the "Monument to the Immigrant"...

...and hugging a light pole at the Holocaust Memorial.

We busted out the selfie stick while we rested in the shade near the statue of Bernardo de Galvez...

Then we finished up our tour...

...eating po-boys and bread pudding at K-Paul's along the way. Delicious!

That evening we went on a swamp tour!

It was pretty hot, but I'm glad to have experienced it. Plus, Cody got to hold a baby alligator!

The lady who managed the cute little house had left some traditional New Orleans food (muffaletta and Doberge cake) for us in the fridge, so we ate dinner at the house that night. Because we have a teenage boy and all, we needed to supplement the muffaletta. So we found a nearby restaurant and bar (Liuzza's) that is famous for its Frenchuletta (a muffaletta on french bread), and we brought it home and divvied it up amongst the four of us. Oh my word! It was SO good!

So ended our second day in New Orleans...



Zion said…
How fun. Love the update and Ellie's hair is so cute!

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