"Be True to Your School"

(by The Beach Boys) 

For the first time in five years, my kiddos are in the same school again...


Both of them...What?!

My baby girl is a junior:

And my sweet boy is a freshman:

I didn't cry when I dropped Cody off at high school (like I did with Elly). Though he's my baby, I was fairly confident that I wouldn't cry this time. But I have thought that in the past and still did, so I wasn't really sure where my emotions would be today. The thing is I've been dropping him off at the high school field house for two years already, and that's where I dropped him off this morning. Had I never dropped him off there, or had I dropped him off at the front of the high school, things would have been quite different I'm sure! So thanks to cross country, I wasn't an emotional wreck today!

Due to Cody & I having to leave the house for cross country 30 minutes before Elly woke up, I wasn't able to take pictures of the kids together before they left for school. I took Cody to the track on Sunday evening because I wanted to take the pictures I posted above (without interfering with football practice or something). While it would probably be a better spot for Senior pictures, there are no guarantees that the fence will still be decorated like that in four years. There isn't a neat spot like that with art stuff for my girl, so she got the usual pics in the entryway before she left for school! :) But I took them out there after school so I could get some shots of them together, and I actually managed to get a couple of normal pictures...

...before the goofiness kicked in...


I ♥ them!



Zion said…
What!? It's just not possible!!! I can relate to the tears and lack of. I cried about Zion going to Kindergarten, but not Sedona. My friend just recently cried when her oldest son lost his first tooth and I said Well, if it makes you feel any better you might not be as emotional with the other children. Although the baby factor does have an affect so in your case it probably was the field house that saved you. With Sedona she was already going to the school that she goes to Kindergarten at so it's like the field house thing. I totally get it.

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