"I Want to Hold Your Hand"

(by T.V. Carpio) T.V. Carpio - Across the Universe (Music from the Motion Picture) [Deluxe Edition] - I Want to Hold Your Hand

I hope y'all are having a good weekend! Mine has been great so far! I went to a crop at my friend Magnolia's last night. Her daughter went to school with my baby girl this year, & she asked Elly to come, too! I love that she has made so many new friends this year, & I especially love the fact that they are all very sweet girls with nice moms, too!

Today, we went to Wally & Teresa's (my builder's family that I've mentioned a couple of times). I completely failed to mention their car accident a couple of weeks ago. A guy ran a red light & hit their vehicle, causing it to roll. Teresa was hospitalized overnight, and Wally was in the hospital for a week with all of the ribs on his right side broken (front & back), lacerated liver & kidneys and a punctured lung (to name only a few of his injuries). I should have told y'all about it sooner so you could be praying! It's not too late, though ~ they could still use your prayers! Teresa is still in a lot of pain, & Wally has 8-12 weeks of recovery left. Also, please be praying for wisdom for them & that justice will be served in this situation! The driver who hit them didn't have insurance & hasn't received a ticket for anything that he did wrong. Anyways, we spent some time with their family today! I just love them!

I may not post much over the next week or so, because we're hoping to go up to the lake before Kristin's wedding next weekend (the one that my kids are in). I say "hoping" because I'm still waiting on Elizabeth's dress {for the wedding} to arrive! We're supposed to leave on Monday; but obviously, I can't leave town until it I have the dress! I called the store the other day, & they said it's in transit. My mister could bring it up later in the week, but I need to make sure everything is right with it, ya know? So, hopefully I get a call tomorrow saying that it arrived today, has been inspected & is ready for pick-up!

As for today's song, it's a Beatles song. Need I say more? Elly bought The Beatles: Rock Band Wii game last week, so I've heard this song quite a bit lately! I couldn't find the Beatles' version for my player, so I posted the one that was on Across the Universe!

I hope you have a super great week!



Brooke said…
will definitely send up some prayers for your friends!
RR Mama said…
I will be thinking of your friends. What lake do you go to. We go to the lake alot. My husbands family lives at the lake. We love it!

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