"Brand New Day"

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I have officially completed my responsibilities for the school year, & I'm so relieved! Not that I mind doing any of it ~ I just don't like feeling the pressure that I have felt lately (with everything)! I attended the kids award ceremonies at school this morning, delivered the slideshow DVDs, then went to Elly's pool party at the country club. I stayed in the shade of a tree with a couple of other moms, yet somehow I got a little sunburn {not sure how that happened!} There are only about 5 hours of school until summer, and I am SO looking forward to sleeping in! But yesterday was craziness...

It started out as one of those days where everything that could go wrong DID, beginning with a near panic attack in the wee hours of the morning! Our friend Ryan was here until about midnight, & we attempted to burn the slideshow disc after he left. If you can believe this, about 40 pictures were missing! We have no idea how that happened. The pictures were right there in the file where they should've been, but we ended up having to redirect each one individually! It was craziness, and we didn't have a completed DVD to test out until almost 2:00 am! I know...if we had just done it earlier, we wouldn't have had that problem! I was waiting to hear back from a parent about a sensitive situation, so we were intentionally waiting until the last minute! Obviously, we didn't anticipate any problems, because it had been working fine! We also didn't know it would take over an hour to burn it to a disc!

I went to bed without even washing my face, and I forgot to turn my alarm back on after the long weekend...As you can probably figure out, I overslept & didn't wake up until 7:35, which is 5 minutes before school starts! I had planned on getting up early to wash my hair & stuff, because I had to be at the school for the slideshow. So I freaked out, because I didn't even have time to get dressed, much less get all beautified! I frantically ran in & woke the kids up. Then I ran back into my bedroom in a frenzy, waking Chris up & asking him to help the kids with whatever they needed! We managed to get to school only 5 minutes late. {My baby girl almost made it all the way through elementary school without being tardy. With only 3 days left of her elementary career, I ruined it for her!}

So, I went to the "Parents & Pastries" wearing day old makeup & a hat. I had hoped to look a little more classy, but whatever! I got the slideshow all set up in the library, & it was working fine. The projector had overheated at first, but it cooled off & things looked good. Parents started arriving, and it was almost time to play it when the projector overheated again! Elly's teacher came to the rescue by bringing the projector from her room. Of course, then the library computer wouldn't work with it, so she had to get her laptop from her room, too! We were able to play it without another glitch, & the parents I spoke with were quite excited to find out that they would all receive a copy of the DVD!

As soon as I got home from the school, I checked my phone (which, of course, I had left on the charging station in my earlier rush), & there was a message from the school. Cody had a read-a-thon all day but didn't have his blanket & pillow (again, because of the craziness that was our morning)! So, I grabbed his stuff & headed back to the school. On my way there I remembered that I was going to be at the Medical Center when the kids got home, so I also grabbed my garage door remote to give to the kids so they could get inside! I didn't even have to ask the lady at the front office to let me take Cody's stuff to him. She said she wasn't really supposed to allow me to take it, but apparently he had seemed somewhat frazzled! So I was able to go to both of the kids' rooms to remind them about their dad's scans & that I wouldn't be home. Sigh! It was only 10:00 in the morning, & I already felt like I had run a marathon or something!

Fortunately, the rest of my day was much less eventful! Chris had his scans, and we met with Dr L (the oncologist) immediately afterward. As he was looking them over on his computer & comparing them with the last scans, my heart was racing. I must say it's quite scary to see arrows & measurements that the technicians have noted, yet have to wait for the oncologist to explain everything! His lungs look fine, so that's super! There's something on his liver that measures about 5mm, but Dr L isn't worried about it & isn't entirely sure that it wasn't there when he had the last scan. It's the same size as another white spot near the spleen that was definitely on the last scan & hasn't grown since then. There's also a new lymph node that he isn't worried about, either. He intends to look at the spot on his liver when we do a PET scan in January, so I guess we're good 'til then. He said that while there's always a reason to worry with cancer, there's nothing on the scans that gives him reason to worry. I guess that means I'm not supposed to worry, either, huh? The following verse is one that I have continued to lean on throughout the entire cancer experience:
"You will keep in perfect peace
all who trust in You,
whose thoughts are fixed on You!"
(Isaiah 26:3)



Traci Michele said…
Thank goodness for Brand new days! Thanks for sharing.

Ugg, I'm so bad... I frequently forget to wash my face before I go to bed.
Brooke said…
of course you're not supposed to worry! *hugs*

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