"Turn it On"

(by Hawk Nelson ) Turn

I really thought I'd have more time to blog this summer, but so far it has turned out to be less! I worked a couple of days this week, so I haven't really had the time to post {much less catch up with everybody else's blogs!} I'm thinking about joining some memes when I have the time, because I feel like I don't have many blog-worthy topics these days. I also feel like I need to expand my musical horizons, because I have a hard time coming up with a song sometimes! {I'm up for suggestions!! My friend Laura left one for me on facebook, & I'm totally gonna use it one day! If you think of any that would be perfect for a particular topic, let me know!} So, there you go...my little blog dilemma.

As for my week, the days that I didn't work were quite busy! The kids & I went swimming a couple of times! We met Jana & Clara Belle at the neighborhood pool one day! The next day, we had a little swim/play date at Cody's friend's house. There were 3 moms & six kids ~> it was perfect, because each kid had a playmate! Elly is friends with the daughter of one of the moms, plus both of the other moms have boys that are the same age! One evening, I met a friend for coffee. Then, I met Laura for ice cream one afternoon (Don't tell the kids! They assumed I was meeting for coffee, & I didn't correct them. Is that awful?! I know, I'm so not winning the "Mother of the Year" award for that one!!) I went scrapbooking in the neighborhood last night & only completed 4 pages. But that's progress, so I should just be glad that I accomplished something! This evening, we're getting together with our Community Group from church. That's my week in a nutshell!

And for today's song, I'm not sure how it ended up being played the most. It's Hawk Nelson, so that explains part of it! It doesn't really relate to my current life circumstances, but it's still good! My favorite line is, "I don't wanna just live my life. I want to mean something."

Well, I'm off to make some dessert for tonight! I hope y'all have a super great weekend!



Zion said…
Oh wow, a real Clara Belle? Clarabel is one of trains from Thomas and friends. Zion LOVES his Clarabel! I hope that you do get to do some memes. I was going to do one on Friday and by the time I got around to it I thought I would just wait another week because if you post at the end of the day everyone is done checking it and it's kind of a bummer.
Brooke said…
i love hawk nelson! :) and i think mama's are allowed to get ice cream without their kids every once in a while.

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