"Sleeping In"

(by The Postal Service) Sleeping

...that's what I've been up to for a good part of my morning {& hope to be doing a LOT of this summer!} I've been exhausted since before the move, & I'm more than ready to not be tired anymore!

I'll be spending a good portion of the rest of my day here:

Because {unfortunately} it doesn't look like that right now! The only time I spent in the kitchen over the weekend was when I was making messes cooking! Then, when I should've been cleaning it yesterday, my mister & I went on a Costco & coffee date! Oh the exciting dates you have when you've been married for 13 11/12 years! {Yes, it was exactly one month before our anniversary, so he said we were celebrating! He posted it on fb & said that if somebody asked if we've celebrated every month since we got married, he would say, "Nope. Every day!" Such a goofball!!}

I hope y'all have a more exciting Monday than mine!



Brooke said…
your kitchen is beautiful!!

jay and i celebrated monthiversaries for the first year we were together. hope he still remembers them after we're together a decade!

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