"When I Say I Do"

(by Matthew West) When I Say I Do - Hold You Up - EP

I'm finally getting around to posting pictures from Julie's wedding! I posted a couple of pictures earlier (that were more about the preparations & such), but I know that y'all really just wanted to see the beautiful bride in her wedding gown! I have come to realize that the downside to being in the wedding party is the fact that you're too busy to take pictures of the important stuff! :) So here are some of my favorites from the wedding photographer...

The kiss! ♥

I love this one of Julie with her parents!

& this one with Jana & Julie and their complete family ♥

I know that I said this before, but I'm so glad that these people are in my life. Their family is super, and I am honored to have been a part of Julie's wedding.



Brooke said…
what a beautiful bride!! :)
Zion said…
Ohhhh! She looks so amazing. And RYC I had no idea Cody was ever in Speech, but it seems like A LOT of kids are, especially boys.
What a beautiful wedding. Beautiful bride. Beautiful family!!

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