"Simple & Free"

(by Abby Baker) Simple & Free - [Un]Defined

My birthday was on Tuesday, but I accidentally caused a little confusion by posting a couple of early birthday dessert pictures on facebook. Those of you who know me well are aware of the fact that I absolutely love birthday dessert! And because of that, I take advantage of every opportunity to eat it! My family always goes out for lunch on a Sunday near our birthday, so my birthday dessert eating began a couple of days early! :)

Then I had a little early birthday dessert surprise at the Skeeters game on Monday night...as we entered the gates of Constellation Field, our good friend Bob {respect the 'stache} greeted us! A few innings later, Bob & his wife Beth brought me birthday dessert!! How awesome are they?! That totally made my day, and I felt so blessed to have people in my life that make me feel special!

On my actual birthday, Sloan treated me to coffee in the morning. {I totally forgot to get a picture of us. Maybe I'll take one later, and we can pretend it was on my birthday?!} Then I went to Felicity's to scrapbook, and she had made me a yummy brownie dessert! Her kids made me cards, too! ♥

I got home to a package in the mail, a package on the porch, and lots of really sweet messages on facebook {including one from my baby girl that brought tears to my eyes!} Chris picked up a rotisserie chicken on his way home, because he's trying to help me make it an entire three weeks without cooking dinner! {I'm liking this, but I promise I'll get back to being domestic after Kendra's wedding! Seriously, I haven't gone this long without cooking since I was in high school!} He picked up a yummy cake, too! So by the end of my birthday, I was up to FOUR birthday desserts + birthday coffee! :)

{I stole this from his tumblr}

I went to lunch with my birthday girls on Wednesday, & afterward we went to Amy's house for dessert! I didn't know what she was making, but I knew that she picked something off my dessert Pinterest board. It was yummy Oreo cake!

{Amy texted me this picture, but I was looking at Marcie instead of Amy. I hope to show y'all one of me with all three girls after Amy has a chance to upload the pics from her camera!}

As for the song I posted today, I've declared it my new theme song! I wish it was on YouTube or Grooveshark so you could hear the whole thing, but you can listen to a preview on iTunes. {Lucky us!! She posted the video ten days after this was originally posted!} I love the feel of the song, and it really is how I want to live: simple and free.

I'm gonna live with the risk of falling
& I'm gonna dream with my eyes wide open
I'm gonna be happy, 'cause that's how it should be
Please tell me you agree
Life was made to be lived



Brooke said…
good thing i have a cupcake in the fridge - you're making me want dessert!!
I agree with Brooke... I want dessert now! lol What a fantastic birthday celebration!
Amanda said…
Happy Belated Birthday!!! :)
Zion said…
I don't think I knew that you had a dessert pinterest board, but it is a fabulous idea.

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