"Block of Ice"

(by Thee Oh Sees) Block of Ice - The Master's Bedroom Is Worth Spending a Night In

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I promised you pictures & videos this week, and today the promise is fulfilled! :) Well actually, it's just one video. Each clip was pretty short, so I combined them into one. I hope you're OK with that! Anyways, after our final student Bible study of the summer, we took the students ice blocking! It was super fun, and I have pictures & stuff to prove it...
{they played a little "Wade Ball" on ice, too!}

And now for the video! {I've never claimed to be a professional videographer. I'm sure this could've been done way better by someone who knows what they're doing! But it is what it is...}

{Please let me know if the video doesn't work! I was having issues with my computer, but Cody could see it on the computer upstairs...}

Have you ever been ice blocking? If not, what's your favorite modus operandi for sliding down a hill?



Brooke said…
video works for me! :) i'd never even heard of ice blocking before!
Becky Crenshaw said…
AMY!! This was so fun for me! I got to see you! And hear you! How neat!

I have never seen ice block racing before! FUN!
Zion said…
What a fun way to cool off in the heat of summer!
LOL I have never seen or heard of ice blocking! Looks like fun! When we were kids, we would just roll down our hill and we thought it was a blast! :)

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