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I really do plan on telling y'all about my trip to the panhandle for Kendra's wedding, but I was hoping to get some better pictures first! For now, I have somewhat of a:

About 10 years ago, Chris spoke at a youth camp where a band called Echoing Eternity was leading worship. {I posted one of their songs before, in case you care to hear them!} Chris hung out with them during the day, because they had no responsibilities until the services each evening. He would call home telling me about how great these guys were & how much fun he was having with them.

At one point, he mentioned that one guy's dad was a pastor in the town where my uncle had co-pastored before planting a church in a nearby town. Because it was such a small town, I just knew that Jeremiah's dad had to know my Uncle Chris. As it turns out, not only did they know each other, but my uncle had been his co-pastor and was the pastor of their church plant! J's family knew my family better than I did! We went on to become very good friends with J & his family. Elly & I were in his sister's wedding a few years later, and his wife Jess became one of my closest friends.

I could go on, but the main point of this post is actually to talk about another guy that was in Echoing Eternity: Aaron Logan. I'm actually quite ashamed of myself for not mentioning him to y'all any sooner than this. Aaron's family was also very close to my uncle's family. His parents & a couple of siblings went to my uncle's church, and his younger brother Jordan was at their house on many of the same occasions that I was (& was in Kirby's wedding last summer). Aaron's family has been through quite a bit over the last few years. His sister survived a freak accident where her best friend was killed and she was severely injured. And now Aaron is facing extensive rehabilitation after surviving a car accident nearly a month & 1/2 ago. He suffered a broken neck and severe injuries to his head & sternum, resulting in several surgeries. He fought pneumonia {& won!} & was moved to a rehab facility last week.

I know that today's video doesn't play the entire song, but I wanted to post this song of Aaron's because of these words:
I was broken, You healed me, Lord

God truly is healing Aaron's body! His respiratory nurse has said that she's never seen anyone in his situation progress as quickly as he has! Please join us in praying for his continued healing, strength, that he will rest well, and that he will walk out of the rehab facility. Thanks, y'all! ♥

And it'd be totally cool if you'd buy his CD! :)

UPDATE: Aaron didn't get very good news today. They are saying that he only has a 2-3% chance of regaining feeling below his chest. He told the doctor that hundreds of people were praying for him and asked what specifically we should be praying. The doctor said to pray for total recovery for the spinal cord & healing all around C6, C7, & C8. So if you'd like to pray more specifically, that'd be awesome! ♥



Brooke said…
praying for his complete healing!

and i appreciate you praying the same for my cousin.
Becky Crenshaw said…
Aww. Sweet Aaron. I will be praying... "The doctor said to pray for total recovery for the spinal cord & healing all around C6, C7, & C8. "

On it.
Zion said…
This made me want to cry. I prayed for him specifically and I think it's believe he is going to have a mighty impact on some of these doctors
jessica mohr said…
:) Makes me smile to know that even more people are praying for our sweet friend! Aaron is a true fighter...and a great guy! The prayers are working, so keep it up!!! Tuesdays are "Awesome Aaron Tuesdays" His family and friends ask that we all choose something to fast, and pray even more on Tuesdays! -I gave up coffee.......as a homeschooling mom of 4, it KILLS me. BUT, my favorite little 9 year old gave up shoes. She says she will fast shoes on Tuesdays until Aaron walks in his own shoes. Join us and fast & Pray!

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