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I warned y'all that I may post a bit of randomness this week as I approach a blog milestone (tomorrow). Well here is said randomness...

If you've ever been in a car with me and seen me turn right and u-turn when exiting a parking lot (rather than simply turning left), this post will explain why. This post actually consists of two different stories that are intertwined in my latest little series:

I was talking to a boy about a car accident that he was in awhile back, and I realized that I've never told y'all about how I met the Jonas Brothers' parents. I promise that sentence will make more sense by the time you get to the end of this post, but I'll begin at the beginning...

It was my first day in Dallas after arriving on campus at Bible school the night before. I had one friend in the entire city, and she lived on campus with her son. She had invited me over for the afternoon, and we decided that we wanted to watch both An Affair to Remember and Sleepless in Seattle. She owned one of the movies, but she asked if I would pick up the other one at Blockbuster while she did someone's nails. {She was a professional manicurist and the reason I started getting artificial nails in high school. She would do my nails in exchange for me babysitting her sweet baby boy!}

So my first trip off campus was just a simple jaunt one exit down the road & not even one block away from the exit. Sounds like it wouldn't be a big deal, huh? Well...leaving the video store, I had to turn left onto a four-lane divided road. I made it most of the way to the median when a van came out of nowhere and broadsided me! I spun around nearly 360 degrees, but fortunately remained in the median and wasn't hit by any other vehicles (nor did I hit any others). Long story short, I was fine, but the car wasn't in the greatest shape. I drove it the mile back to Tammy's with a blown tire & stuff. It probably wasn't the best idea, but I was in Oak Cliff. It wasn't the safest place for an 18-year-old girl to walk alone, and this was before cell phones & such!

When I got back to Tammy's house, she introduced me to the lady whose nails she was doing: Denise Jonas, the wife of our school's worship leader (Kevin Jonas). For some silly reason I tried to act like everything was fine, but Tammy could tell that something was wrong. Before she even finished asking me if I was alright, I started crying and said, "Well, they didn't have the movie!" After strange looks from both of them, I explained that I had been involved in a car accident.

Thus began my habit of only turning right when exiting a parking lot without a traffic light. If only I had turned right, I wouldn't have had the car accident. I still would've met Denise, but it would've been a way less emotional meeting!

In case you care, I went on to meet Kevin after performing in a little skit during service one evening. I had more interaction with him than with Denise, because she was busy with three little boys! And speaking of...did you see how I managed to find one of their songs for this post?! It's a talent, I tell ya! ;)



Zion said…
I had a similar situation last year and my car still has a big dent to show for it. If I could turn back time, I tell ya...

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