"What I Call Beautiful"

(by Abby Baker) What I Call Beautiful - What I Call Beautiful - EP

I am currently out of town with a couple of girlfriends, so I have attempted to schedule this post. Blogger has had some issues with scheduling posts lately, so we'll see if it works...

Last Saturday, I told you about a few bits of randomness but was unable to post pictures. So without further ado:

{Yes, Amanda, this was a Pinterest find!}

{Please ignore the half-dead flowers under the trees! I guess I shocked them...but I think they're coming back!}

In case you're keeping track of the pictures & such that I mentioned last week, I still haven't fixed the dress. I'll show y'all a picture when it's finished! & of course I don't have a picture of me ironing my shirt while wearing it. I definitely would've burned myself if I had been taking a picture, too!

This week was kinda chill, which I desperately needed! So chill, in fact, that I had barely dried my hair when I received a text from Jana one day at 10:45. I had completely forgotten about a breakfast that I was supposed to attend at 10:00. Ya. You'll be proud to know that I hurried over there with only a smidgeon of mascara & didn't change out of my t-shirt & tennis shoes. Some people show up fashionably late, I just show up late {or maybe unfashionably late!}

As for today's song, I've been listening to Abby Baker all week! I already posted my favorite one (on the drive home last week), but I like this one a lot, too. The actual song for today is supposed to be "I Know That You Are God", but I can't find a full version anywhere. {You should totally click that link & listen to the preview or maybe even buy the song. Good stuff!} But today's song is super, too! I love the sound, I love the chorus, and I love the part about being free to be me. My favorite part is when she says, "And oh, what a beautiful world colored in green and blue and me and you. Ooh ooh ooh."  There's a lot of good stuff in this song, so go ahead & push play if you haven't already. OK, get excited, people: I have some news to share on Monday! It involves Abby Baker & a little PIF...{oooh, which kind of PIF do I mean?...so mysterious...} ;)

I hope y'all are having a super great weekend!! ♥


p.s. Happy Cinco de Mayo & happy birthday to my dear friend Vidi! ♥


Zion said…
Looks like it worked! Great job on the pinterest project.
Your plant palette is fantastic!! Love it. You have such a beautiful home and gorgeous yard Amy! Enjoy your fun weekend! :)
Amanda said…
Looks great!! :)

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