"Just a Closer Walk With Thee"

(by Doreen's Jazz)

Maybe this doesn't seem like a big deal, but I have wanted to go to Café Du Monde for about 10 years now & finally got the opportunity! When my friend Marcie found out that I wanted to go, she suggested that we take a little excursion so that I could cross it off my list! So one Friday, after Marcie, Amy, & I got our kiddos off to school, we headed out on a little road trip to NOLA!

After checking into our hotel, we set off in search of a good po-boy. Unfortunately, the [highly recommended] place where we went wasn't so great. :/ That was our only negative food experience while we were there, though.

Our only plans were to eat our way through New Orleans, but we found plenty of things to do while walking from one eating establishment to the next. We discovered our new favorite store while stopping to listen to some jazz music on Royal Street. As a song was ending, we turned around to look in the store window behind us. We stood there enamored by beautiful things until Marcie pointed out that we could just go in the store rather than only looking through the window! I think we're all so accustomed to families, schedules, & such, that it took us a little while to acclimate to simply going wherever we wanted, whenever we wanted!

We eventually meandered our way over to Café Du Monde that evening!

I enjoyed my iced coffee, and we all thoroughly enjoyed the beignets!

As we were finishing our beignets, someone mentioned that they thought we were near the water. So we ventured up some stairs & discovered the river just on the other side of the wall.

After enjoying the river for awhile, we headed back to the hotel to drop off our purchases. We decided that we didn't need a huge dinner, but a slice of pizza would be nice. We got a recommendation from someone at the hotel & accidentally walked down Bourbon Street {through smells of horse poo & vomit} to discover the best pizza of our lives!

On Saturday, we enjoyed more food & shopping as we walked through the city. There were some strange sights to see {as you'd expect}:

But there was so much beauty in the city's architecture!

& we reveled in hidden treasures like this:

The main thing on our agenda for Saturday was to find our favorite store's sister store {which we also loved!}:

We spent quite a bit of time shopping in the French Market:

I think we all agree that the best discovery of our trip was Doreen's Jazz!

We stopped to listen to them on two separate occasions! Doreen Ketchens is a beautiful soul with amazing musical talent.

If you have about 5 minutes, you can watch this little slideshow that Amy put together. It has the pictures that all three of us took while we were there, and the music is from a CD of Doreen's that we bought while we were listening to her:

Our little road trip was super fun! I'm so glad to have friends who want to help me cross things off my list! I had such a great time with them!! :)



Amanda said…
Looks like a wonderful time!!!

Food looks amazing. Yum!
Brooke said…
LOVE THE HAT! ;) and it must have been some good pizza to make it worth walking thru horse poo and vomit smells.
Becky Crenshaw said…
What a fun trip! That pizza looks to die for and YOUR HAT is adorable!
Zion said…
Awww (a little road trip eh?) SOunds and looks like SO much fun. I love your clothes and the hat.

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