"Better When Shared" {again}

(by Abby Baker) Better When Shared - [Un]Defined

I know I've posted a lot of Abby Baker's stuff lately, and I hope you're not tired of her! Of course I've been listening to her new album (since it came out this week), so naturally one of her songs would end up here. I know that I've already posted today's song, but I didn't really talk about it then. Plus it's the only one from the new album that's available for y'all to hear. Though I love it, I actually have a different song that is my favorite (& quite possibly my new theme song). Maybe she'll make a video of it one day, or it'll become available to post some other way. There are a couple of other songs of hers that I could post (from her other album), but I have one of them in mind for a future post, and the other one is sad (good, but sad. & it hits a little too close to home in regards to the whole cancer thing/potential for my future reality, so I just can't do it). Anyways, what I love most about today's song is the entire chorus. I love what it says & how it sounds. It's just too cute! :)

I have a few things about my week that I could tell y'all, but I don't have much time. {What's new, right?!} I did some mundane things around the house, and we had our local mission (about which I plan to devote an entire blog post). I'll be heading out to see my baby brother in a little bit, and tonight we're going to see the Astros & Rangers play ball! I've always been an Astros fan, but I didn't feel like I was cheating on them when I lived in Dallas & went to an occasional Ranger game. Have I mentioned that I have mixed feelings about them being in the same division? Right now, it's sort of a friendly rivalry (if even a rivalry at all). I'm not sure if that'll change next season or not, and whether I'll like that or not. Some people want a big rivalry, but I sorta like friendliness better! :) And whether you're a hater or not, I still like Nolan Ryan {He's my #4. & in case you care, my top five are (in order from #1 to #5): Phil Garner, Craig Biggio, Jeff Bagwell, Nolan Ryan, then Jose Cruuuuuuuuuz!}

OK, that is all. I hope y'all are having a beautiful Saturday!! ♥



We had two 5+ hour trips this week so I was able to listen to the entire album... several times. LOVE it!! Thanks again! :)
Jen Price said…
We were in Houston this weekend. I thought of you! The hubby and I were on a weekend getaway without the kids!

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