"Flower Flower"

(by The Vespers)

I told y'all early in the Spring that I'd show pics from my garden once things got bigger, so here you go...

{I put a few leftover stones in the back to hold the mulch in, but I haven't gotten around to putting fresh mulch back there yet...}

My butterfly bush (in the corner) hasn't grown much yet. It probably won't get real big until next Spring, but I figured I'd show you that corner anyways! :)

& here are a few of the flowers up close:

{Can you tell that these are fuzzy?! I think they're so neat!!}

& these are some flowers that hang over the fence from the neighbor's yard :)

I know I've already shown y'all a bunch of pictures, but I really want y'all to see a couple of the critters & such...

I walked outside to a patio full of these one morning. It was kinda creepy, but I snapped a picture of this big guy anyways:

I never have my camera out when the Monarchs visit {& waiting on the patio, camera in hand, doesn't make them come for a visit. Just so you know...} but I've caught a couple stages of their metamorphosis...

Alrighty, that's all I have to show y'all today! :) Do y'all have any fun stuff going on in your gardens?



Ohh... your garden is so beautiful Amy!! I love all of your areas. What is that white flower? It's gorgeous!! I love seeing the stages of the butterfly. I would love to capture those photos. :)
Becky Crenshaw said…
Yay!! I am SO glad you posted these! Look at your green thumb!! ;) My squash has overtaken my garden. I think I may have tomatoes, beans, zucchini & pepper in there ;)

Jen Price said…
I want your backyard! We don't have a backyard right now and it just about kills me! Love those lantanas. My mom always has a big one in her flower bed.
Laura said…
Oh my gosh, your garden looks great and your photos are awesome!
Zion said…
It looks beautiful and I love the cocoons!

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