(by The Reliques) Julietta - To Feel and Be Loved - EP

The song is a little random, but it has to do with a mother & daughter. And since yesterday was Mother's Day, I thought it would work! I had a super great weekend!! We spent Saturday evening celebrating Mother's Day with my mom & step-dad. I also spent a couple of hours with my baby brother on Saturday. Dad was out of town for my cousin's graduation, so I went to see Aaron by myself. His mom is very ill (that's a whole other blog post for another time), so I'm the closest thing he has to a mom right now. We had a wonderful visit, and I'm so glad I got that time "alone" with him! {Total side note: had I gone with my dad, I could've crossed something else off my list! He came home through the center of Texas. And he did it without me!! I guess that one'll have to wait...}

On Mother's Day, my family made lunch while I lazily & selfishly sat in my super cute chair drinking iced tea! {ftr, that really does feel a little strange!} While Chris cleaned up the kitchen, we set my camera on self-timer & took some pictures. Between my sorry excuse for a camera, a bee (you can see him in one of the pics), & my silly boy, there isn't really a great one. But I thought y'all might want to see them anyways...

And finally...I have a winner in my litte PIF Giveaway!! I put the names in a bowl:

& my baby girl drew one this morning...

Yay for Jennifer!! What's super fun is the fact that her birthday was yesterday! What a fun little belated surprise, huh?!

Alrighty, I'm taking my sweet boy up to the church for VBS worship practice. While we're there, I'll be getting pictures from Amy so that I can finally tell y'all about our little trip!! Stay tuned!



Zion said…
Congratulations Jennifer! So, boys still act that way in pictures at that age? I was kind of hoping they grow out of it (just kidding, they are all adorable).
I love the photos!! They are fantastic. You three are so cute! Such a fun birthday surprise to win your giveaway. Thank you so much Amy! Downloaded it a few minutes ago and look forward to listening to it all! :)
Jen Price said…
Happy late Mother's Day! Love the photos of you with your kids. The candid, natural ones are always my favs.
Becky Crenshaw said…
Amy, the LIGHT OF CHRIST shines in your face and in the face of your kids! So beautiful. :)

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