"Inside the Eye"

(by Skin Yard)

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I have no idea what this song is about, and it's not really my style. But for reasons you're about to understand, I simply couldn't pass up the chance to post a song about the eye that is sung by a band with the word skin in their name...

May is both Healthy Vision Month AND Melanoma Awareness Month, so I thought this was the perfect opportunity to combine the two and talk about Ocular Melanoma ("OM" for short). I know that my regular readers are well aware of this stupid cancer, but once again I thought I'd go ahead with a little OM awareness on the off chance that somebody new stops by! Rather than repeat myself (as in years past), I thought I'd give a brief description (mostly taken from the Melanoma Research Foundation's CURE OM initiative):

Ocular Melanoma is the 2nd most common type of melanoma & the most common primary eye cancer in adults. There are around 2,000 new cases each year in the United States. Like other melanomas, it begins in melanocytes (the cells that produce the pigment melanin that colors the skin, hair, and eyes, as well as forms moles). It is most commonly found in the choroidal layer of the eye, though it can also be found in the iris or ciliary body. OM occurs most often in people over 50 years old with fair skin and light eyes, though it can occur in anyone at any age (my husband was diagnosed at age 32 & has dark eyes). The most common forms of treatment for the primary tumor are radiation and enucleation, depending mostly on the size and location of the tumor.

About half of OM patients develop metastatic disease within 15 years of diagnosis, and there is currently no cure for metastasis. Despite the fact that there continue to be advances in local treatment of the primary OM tumors, there has not been a measurable increase in patient survival. Research has recently identified a couple of gene mutations, but more research is needed to understand exactly what those mutations indicate.

While there is no known cause of OM, early detection is SO important. So please get yearly dilated eye exams!!



Jen Price said…
Wow! I didn't know it was the 2nd most common type of melanoma. That's crazy!
I did not know it was the 2nd most common type of melanoma either! You would think there would be more awareness. Praying this month brings light and help to this disease!
Brooke said…
"I have no idea what this song is about" bhahahahaha! love that you chose it by name alone.

how's the mister doing?

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