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Once again, I'm a day late with this post. We were in the car for over 11 hours yesterday & didn't get home until after 1:00 this morning. Needless to say, I didn't have a chance to post on time! I plan on telling y'all about our trip, but I've barely had time to sit down since we got home. For now, I'll just share a few pictures of what I briefly wrote about last week.

I believe I mentioned Smurfette...

{Do you see the family resemblance? ha ha!}

We had SUCH a good visit with my little brother! I haven't seen him in years, so it was super great to see him! We had dinner with him, then he took us to a few places in Austin that he thought the kids would like. One of them was a costume shop where he used to work, & he picked up a little something while we were there. He then proceeded to wear Smurfette's head while we walked down the street! {& I would've been a little embarrassed if we had been anywhere other than Austin!} People asked him to stop and take pictures with them! It was too funny! Anyways, he took us to a couple of places where we took some pics with Dad. I suppose I'll show you what Ivar looks like for real...

I also mentioned my cousin Kirby's wedding last Saturday. Unfortunately, I didn't get a good photo of the bride & groom. I got this shot of the kiss, but it's the best one I got of the two of them:

I managed to get a few pictures of family after the newlyweds drove away, though. Here I am with my awesomely beautiful favoritest cousin Kendra:

And here she is with her little brother Kevin {who's also quite awesomely beautiful!}:

And because we don't see wind turbines where I'm from, I had to pose the kids in front of a wind farm:

That about covers the first 24 hours of our trip! I have more to tell y'all about later!!



Brooke said…
lol! glad to hear he use to work in a costume shop. i was a little disturbed for a minute :P

of course your family is beautiful - so are you!
Anonymous said…
i can totally see a resemblance with you and your cousin, kendra! (people usually don't look like their cousins, i think, but you can tell you're related) :)
Laura said…
Love love love your Austin pics! Ahhh! Homesickness. :) I can't wait to hear more about your trip! Do you want to get together sometime next week? BTW - love your dress that you wore to the wedding! ;-)
Zion said…
Your cousin and her brother are very cute. I love the pockets on the bridesmaid dresses. If Elizabeth's shirt is from Target then that is funny because I just bought the same shirt at a thrift store since I've been on this trip! I love that shirt. Elly and I can be twins now :)
Kendra said…
I'll make sure Kevin doesn't see the comment about him being awesomely beautiful....he doesn't need any encouragement haha :) I'm soooo glad I got to see you!!! <3 you :)

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