"Hey Mama"

(by Mat Kearney) Hey Mama - Hey Mama - Single

Last night I went with a motley crew of ladies to see Mat Kearney:

He played at the House of Blues, and he did an amazing job! There was WAY too much light when he was standing up front, so you can't see his face in any of the pics of him playing guitar :( So this is the only decent picture I got:

Mat opened for Owl City (again, not the best picture):

{This picture was taken after Heather told me, "It's OK if you stand in front of me to take a picture. I can still see!" Oh, how nice it would be to be tall!}

I did get a few pictures of us ladies:

Meredith & Mel :)

This was Heather & Diona's response to the "come hither" looks that the Owl City cellist was giving the audience!!

How cute is Mel with her awesome dance moves?!

& here's one more of Laura & me:

While Adam Young is a great performer, we decided not to stick around for the entire Owl City concert. Most of the songs sound the same {no offense, Adam, we love the fact that you love Jesus!} & there were a couple of pregnant ladies who needed to get off their feet! So we sat in the lounge of a bowling alley across from the HOB & had some good conversation & appetizers. We also got hit on (sorta). It's been so long since any of us have been hit on that we're not really sure what that looks like. We came to the conclusion that maybe he was pretending that he was new to the scene & wondering what to do for fun (just in case it didn't work out when he tried to pick us up)! The caffeine that we picked up at Starbucks on the way began to wear off around midnight, so we drove back to suburbia in the party wagon. It was a super fun night!! :)



Zion said…
Sounds like a good time. I used to be a huge Mat Kearny fan (not that I've totally given up on him, I just haven't had a chance to hear all of the new stuff). Anyway, I have some exciting news for you. Brandon recorded a Need To Breath song. They were on tour near the area and had work to get done so they recorded a song at Iron Wing Studios. You are now that much closer in the 6 degrees of separation : D
Laura said…
It was a fun night! Yay concert friends. :)

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